June 10, 2007

Another day of rest?

Okay, today is Sunday and it suppose to be my day of rest. Though I haven't done too much, I must proclaim that I have done three loads of laundry, watered my newly planted plants in my fairy garden and I had to go shopping for a new computer carrying case with my hubby! Well, I would say that thus far, not too much has been done.

My husband is getting ready for another trip to his home state of Minnesota. (His third in about six months). Since he works at home and is able to travel with his business at hand, he has been staying from 3 - 4 weeks at a time. His mother has been ill, and thankfully he has been able to go back to Minnesota to spend some much needed time with her. I'm afraid though that this trip will be the last. He is sad, I am sad and again we will be apart! This trip is expected to be approximately 4 - 6 weeks. A long time to be without him, but I know in my heart where he belongs right now; and that is at his mother's side.

Perhaps while he is gone this trip, I will try to get all those pesty things done that just don't ever seem to get done. The first thing that comes to mind is knitting of course! I do hope to get the house windows cleaned, more planting in the garden, catch up on paperwork, reading and most of all knitting! I do need to complete that quilt I had started for my daughter about a year ago, okay it was more than a year ago. So the quilt it is...I will finish the quilt before I tackle any of those other pesty jobs. Well, I'm sure a little knitting in between sewing won't hurt!

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