June 3, 2007

A day of rest....

Sunday...a day of rest! I have officially declared Sunday as our day of rest! No work, just rest and working on lost creations that need to be completed. Therefore, I have picked up a couple of small knitting creations that have been left undone. I'm trying hard to complete a new pair of socks...I love knitting socks and recently took a class on how to incorporate pattern work into ones own knitted socks. The first sock came out quiet well, now I am on to the second sock of the pair. As all knitters know this is called the 'second sock syndrome'. I'm almost ready to start the heel so progress is being made. I also have one beanie cap for my husband that I'm working on, surely I will have this completed by winter. And, there is the beautiful lace scarf that has been grabbing my attention for sometime now, I just can't seem to get to the end of it. Last, but not least...there is the quarter finished prayer shawl that I began thinking that if I had a prayer shawl wrapped around my shoulders as I knitted I would be more intouch with knitting. This is not to mention the mounds of yarn sitting in baskets all around my room of creation. They inspire me to keep on knitting, yarns are so beautiful in that way.

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