August 24, 2007

On my work table...

Socks are now on the work table...along with a few various other on-going projects. This is a new yarn that I'm trying out ...wool & cashmere. Very soft! The pattern requires that I use five double pointed needles...a lot of needles to handle at one time. As I was working on finishing the last sock today, I suddenly realized that working with so many different needles is a lot like life. We weave so many different things into our lives at one time...weaving in and out, under and over, again and again. I sometimes become so overwhelmed with the thought of all I'm manipulating in my life! I have to just stop and consider my knitting. That with time, and much weaving in and out, I will accomplish it all in the end. It just takes a little stitch at a time!
So many needles...


  1. What a great post! (and I am in awe of the five needles!)

  2. What a wonderful analogy. I am not a knitter. I can knit and perl (sp?), but that is it. I thought about taking classes, because knitted things are so pretty. You have inspired me to look into it. Thanks!
    Penny, Mosaic Artist

  3. Gorgeous socks and how true about juggling needles and life. No wonder I stink at making socks! ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I really adore Maryjane's Sticthing Room. There aren't tons of projects but the pictures are lovely and the stories sweet and inspiring.

  4. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment today. I am sitting here feeling a tad bit jealous of your knitting skills! I can barely crochet..never mind make a sock. LOL


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