August 8, 2007

One Baby Beanie, Two Baby Beanies.....

Lilly is checking out the Baby Beanie's!

Finally the baby blanket and beanie's are done. I thought I would never get done with the blanket! I made this blanket and set of beanies for my new grandchild due the end of August. The doctor's have assured us that it will be a boy, he will join his three and half year old sister when he arrives. The blanket has small stripes knitted every few rows; I used a lime-green, yellow, blue and orange. Since there was a lot of colored yarn left over, I decided to add some baby beanies. I love the little beanies...they are so cute. Now onto new projects...I still have many pending. (That means they have been started, but are not complete.) Also, need to start making a few items for Lisa's shop. Hopefully the items I make will be well received and many orders will follow. We'll see!


  1. Hi Alice,
    Thank you so much for stopping by.
    You blog is pretty and I truly admire your talent!!

  2. Dear wanna-be-craft-artist,

    You ARE a craft artist!
    No question about it.
    The beanies are adorable
    Bonne Courage with your new blog :)

  3. Tender and sweet, that is the best type of craft...ART!

  4. Beautiful and very inspiring. I will drop by often.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE the beanies!!! I have a new great-niece/nephew (not sure which yet!) coming soon & my oldest daughter just got married in July...can't wait for the grandbaby days!!

  6. You rock, those are really nice.

    Out and about in Blog land!

  7. These are so sweet, I wish my little one (she's 12 now) would still wear beanies... Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Happy Tuesday!

  8. I love your beanies! Wish I had babies again to put one on... My oldest just headed to college last week. My youngest is in HS this year.

    Your work is beautiful! Keep it up.
    Thanks for the lovely post on my blog. I hope to see you again soon!

  9. Oh, what beautiful crafts you make , thanks so much for dropping by!!


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