August 2, 2007

Sooo much has happened...

It has been an eternity since I last blogged. Dean is back home, things are getting back to normal once again. He was gone over 5 weeks, too long indeed. He was where he needed to be though, with his mother and family. His mother passed on, but was surrounded by family and loved ones to the bitter end. What a grand lady she was! She should be proud of her family as they rallied around her and so gently cared for her in those last few days. Surely she is smiling from above and realizing what a wonderful family she raised indeed.

How serene it is that life changes make us so much more aware of how short life really is! You are always reminded of how we must love those around us just a little harder; and enjoy our surroundings even down to the smallest creature it holds. One should be amazed every day of everything we come into contact is an amazing journey we travel.

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  1. This post touched me deeply. It reminds me very much of the passing of my own mother last year and the love that surrounded her.


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