November 30, 2007

Happy Friday...

Happy Friday to you all. As we near the end of November and think of the holidays fast approaching I have posted a few more photo's of my home. This holiday will be the first Christmas that both of our children will not be at home. I'm trying to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas and what the holidays bring to our homes and families. My husband and I have also decided to keep the gift giving small and simple (the way it should be). We want to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and reflect on the wonderful life we have truely been blessed with even though our children are grown and now making their own holiday memories.

This table holds some of my crystal pieces. I added lots of silver and sparkle and at night it's beautiful when the candles are lit.

More holiday bling!

I made this holiday wreath several years ago. I truely cherish this and love to bring it out year after year.

You just can't have enough glitter and glitz!

Stay turned for more pictures from my home full of holiday cheer!


  1. All of your Crystal and silver looks beautiful. Maybe you could take a night time picture when all of the candles are lit.
    It is hard when the family don't come home for Christmas and it is hard to adjust to the fact that they won't be there.

  2. Everything is so gorgeous.Love the crystal and silver. Must be beautiful in the candlelight. Mary

  3. pretty wreath I can see why it briings you so much joy..blessings ,Jennifer

  4. The pictures of your house are beautiful. I love all of that glitz and glitter!

  5. Really pretty! I can imagine that at night :) I know things must be different with the kids gone...two of mine are away tonight and it is so quiet here!

  6. Oh, so beautiful! I especially love the wreath you made!

  7. Can you email me please? info @ no space between the two, just hiding the address from the spammers! Thanks!

  8. Oh I just love how you have decorated! It is all so beautiful! I am going to get your swap gift in the mail today, I hope you like it:>)

  9. The crystal and silver are beautiful together! And oh my! Your wreath is simply stunning!


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