December 3, 2007

More Glitz & Glitter...

Here are a few more holiday decorating pictures. I'm only posting a few at a time (don't want anyone to be too bored). I keep saying that I'm done decorating, but everytime I go out (like to TJMAXX), I seem to find something new that I just absolutely have to have! Even though I'm not changing my decorations from years past, I thought I needed some new glitz and glitter. Therefore, I've been purchasing a few new additional items that have lots of sparkle. Well, enjoy and visit again soon for more pictures. I promise there won't be many more, well maybe I shouldn't say that? Oh, and if any of you are snow fall total at our house from Saturday...approximately 10 inches! Love that SNOW!

Fairies, you have to have a fairy or two who join in the holiday festivities!

This arrangement sits on top of my old vintage desk set that is in my living room!

The arrangement of fairies stays up year round...I just add holiday decorations to the vignette. I try to keep the little fairies looking more woodland, so that they do blend in all year round.

This little guy is one of my new additions. Isn't he just the cutiest? I loved the blue high top shoes, so you guessed it....just had to buy him. I added the glittery star to his little tree, and when time permits he will get a little black top hat! (See what I mean about finding new items to add to the decor! Another TJMAXX goodie.)

This is a small vintage dish that I set by the fire in front of a fountain that I have. I filled it with lots of glitter and glitz! I love how the fire reflects off of the glitter.

The coffee table in the living room! Do you think it's getting too glittery?

Another view....see the dried flowers in the beautiful jar? Remember the picture I took on my anniversary post....couldn't part with the roses, so I dried them and they now sit in this beautiful jar to continue to bring me wonderful memories!
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. Remember, there will be more pictures to follow...I haven't even gotten the tree yet! (You can see a glimpse of it in the above picture.)


  1. All of your decorations are so lovely--I'm enjoying your ideas.

  2. Beautiful...looks like Christmas wonderland inside and outside your home! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. I simply love what you did with your china cabinet, I love the garland, fairies and snow flakes, what a beautiful display you have.

  4. That is such pretty garland! I love it all, it is so pretty!

  5. Enjoyed myself very, very much! Isn't it fun to decorate this time of the year? Lights, glitter, memories, make for such cheer on the long nights...

  6. Alice so pretty over here...totally winsome and magical...Happy Holidays my love, Jennifer

  7. How beautiful! I am so inspired, and you've added a lot to my Christmas spirit today! :)

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. They have been wonderful to read.

    I enjoy your blog very much, and am adding it to my list so that I can visit often.

    Thank you again for your kindness.


  8. You can never have too much glitter - even on the coffee table. Love it.

  9. Alice, Your house looks beautiful. I love those snowflakes. Never too much glitter in my opinion.

  10. REALLY, Really pretty! I don't have any fairies!!! Hard to say no to anything at TJ Maxx because of the wonderful low prices, isn't it?

  11. I love the beautiful snow man. Have a great day. Mary

  12. Loving all the glitter...
    Very pretty!

  13. You have a beautiful blog! Love the name! Your xmas decorations are the fairie's! LOve the snowman with the high top blue shoes on~adorable! Our tj~max is an hour away..:(
    Your house must look like A christmas wonderland!! The blue snow flakes in the clear glass is beautiful also! Your snow photo's are beautiful in earlier post!
    I will have to visit again soon, to check out more of your beautiful decoration's!~Hoping you are getting me in the mood to start decorating! :) It has been snowing all that will help!
    Enjoyed my first visit!

  14. Too glittery? Bite your tongue, that would be impossible! I love your glittery coffee table! And the beautiful white berry garland on your vintage desk, everything is so pretty!:>)

  15. How festive your house looks! Love the fairies....Wow!!! you have alot of snow!!!

  16. How beautiful are all your decorations...just lovely!!

    Merry Christmas


  17. Your jars are perfectly glitterful (new word!.) I think it looks really pretty.


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