December 13, 2007

Oh, Baby It's Cold Outside!

Ohhhhhhhh, baby it's cold outside; and I'm not going out there!

Dog #1, CocoBeanie! Asleep on her bed, notice the heating pad?

Dog #2, Harley! Asleep among the warmth of the fleece blanket. I can't tell which end is which, he's in such a tight ball! Notice anything else? That would be Dog #3, BackStreet! The little white tail sticking out from under the fleece blanket.

I told you that it's cold outside!

I am no fool! I'm staying right here...all warm and cozy!


  1. I love it! I want to come back as one of your pets - I've always wanted a heated blanket! Really, it's nice to see animals so loved.
    -Laura B.

  2. What lucky dogs!! Heat pads!!!
    They look so snug.

  3. How cute they all are all snuggled in for their naps!

  4. Your dogs are adorable. Nope, cannot tell which end is which is that one photo. : )

  5. Those are the cutest photos! They know how to stay warm, don't they? I may be doing the same's getting colder here this weekend, too.

    Have a fun and snuggly weekend!

  6. sending your babies some warmth from down under! they're so cute!!!

  7. Aw, I'm glad they're staying warm :)

  8. What smart puppies!!! I so love those warm little furry bodies that curl up and love us so unconditionally...

  9. What cute pix of your sweet doggies. They know how to keep warm!
    Your Chrtistmas decorations are so those bottle brush trees in your button collection, very nice!
    Happy Holidays, DebraK

  10. How cute is that! Well, they know where to go to snuggle in and be warm!

  11. It's a tad chilly here and we have snow. I'm staying put, too!

    I love your Christmas's beautiful!


  12. I have a quilt next to my bed for our sweet dog. Merry Christmas


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