January 13, 2008

Want to share a moment...

Before the hectic week begins and I get frightfully busy; I wanted to share a few photo's of two glorious quilts that my sister-in-law made for us for Christmas. She has become the every consumate quilter since her retirement. Her quilts are so delicately stitched and every attention to detail can be seen in her lovely work. Would you believe that until her retirement just a couple of years ago, she has gone from not doing any quilting to becoming an amazing quilt artist. I truely adore her and wish we lived closer, for we have so much to share. She is not just my sister-in-law, but a great friend to cherish.

This wall quilt was made for my husband by his sister. Can you guess why the loons? ...well, my husbands family is a little looney, but truth be told my husband and his family are from Minnesota. Hence, the loons! This quilt is so full of color and catch's the essense of the loons on the water really well. We hung this wall quilt in our hallway leading to our bedroom and husbands office. It's wonderful to look at it every day. It brings so many memories of Minnesota back to us each and every day.

My sister-in-law made this quilt for me...it's so perfect. We hung this wall quilt in our bedroom since it is so delicate and peaceful. She named this quilt 'Feeding the Birds'...the two children are out feeding small, little birds which are perched above them. The reason this is so meaningful is that I am fanatic about feeding my 'birds'. I have about nine feeders in our backyard and a multitude of birds. Just like the little birds in the quilt.

A closer view, to show the little birds in the tops of trees. Isn't it adorable? I just love this quilt, and it looks so perfect in our bedroom. Peaceful and tranquil. Thank you my dear Judy, for sending us a touch of your beautiful, artful quilts. We adore them.


  1. Wow!!
    She is very talented!
    How nice she made those for you.
    Thanks for sharing. I hope your week isn't too hectic.

  2. What a treasure! I especially love the one called Feeding the birds:>)

  3. What beautiful quilts. the detail is amazing.

  4. Those quilts are wonderful. What a talent she has! I really love the bottom one.

  5. Ow, my goodness. Your sister in law is incredibly talented. I especially love the second one, that is my very favorite. The detail on both is amazing. What a lucky lady you are to have received them for x-mas.

  6. Those are beautiful! She is quite talented!

    I passed an award to you...please stop by my blog when you have a chance.

    xo, Andrea

  7. lucky you--beautiful quilts you got there!

  8. Those are absolutely amazing! I've never seen quilts like these. I want you to know, I still cherish the quilt that you gave me. We have it over the sofa in our family room and the girls and I cuddle in it every evening before night-night! It's just gorgeous!

  9. Those quilts are stunning! I am so impressed with the meticulous attention to detail.


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