February 26, 2008


Socks, socks, socks....socks everywhere! I just finished knitting up a pair of socks...well, let's just say a pair of socks that I started knitting 'a very long time ago'. Nothing special, just a 'Plain Jane' pair of socks! I do love how you can knit just a 'Plain Jane' pair of socks, but that the yarn magically turns them into something special and interesting. At each stitch of the needle new images appear because of the beautiful, magical yarn that is available these days.
I'm on a mission to complete some of the started, but yet finished projects hanging around my office. Do any of you have any unfinished projects? Come on....I know you do? Isn't that the motto of a 'crafting artist'? I'm not sure how far I will get, there are a few sitting around! The unfinished beanie for hubby, the unfinished poncho I started last winter! The unfinished quilt that I started for dear daughter many a moon ago. There's a bag or two of yarn stashed away for sweaters that will probably be out of date by the time they are knitted up. And...there's the flowers that need to be made into bridesmaid bouquets for my daughter-in-laws very dear friend.
This leads me to the basket of unused sock yarn that I have accumulated. I seem to be unable to stop collecting sock yarn. Each time I visit another store, the sock yarn is just sitting there in the corner singing my name! I wish it would not do that...the sock yarn I mean! I usually never leave a knitting store without a skein in hand! Okay, I'll say it..........I LOVE SOCK YARN! Actually, I love most any kind of yarn...but, it's sock yarn that seems to have my heart these days.
So, off I go to start another pair. Perhaps this time I'll try a wonderful new pattern that will give the socks more of a statement. I know, I know...what about all those unfinished projects awaiting my attention? Well, they will be there today, tomorrow and in the far future! For today it's the socks that has my attention and the basket full of yarn!

The never ending basket of sock yarn....look at all the pretty fibers! See those wooden sticks in the background? Those are knitting needles! Can you believe it? For those of you who know knitting...these are some big needles! Size 50 and 28" long!

It's a pretty big basket, don't you think? I think the blue/purple yarn up there in the corner is calling my name! It has a touch of yellow in it....yes, yes...that's the one! I think I'll start with those.

Last, but not least....the newly completed 'Plain Jane' socks!


  1. I love the "Plain Jane" socks although they don't look plain to me. What a humongous basket of yarn; no one is ever going to run out of socks.

  2. Nothing plain about 'em! They look great. You stirred my memories of "learning" to knit when I was about 12. Blue and green yarn that developed into nothing.It was fun but lasted a few months. So bravo to you for completeing a project!!!!

  3. I really like the plain Jane socks. You are so creative...Mary

  4. You gotta love those socks. They look so warm and cozy. I cannot knot at all. My Grandma was a great knitter. She tried to teach me, but being left handed and the teacher being right handed...I simply failed!

  5. Holy cow! You call that plain Jane?!? They are works of art to me! You're soooooo creative - I can't ever wait to see what's next!
    Laura B.

  6. "Plain Jane" socks...they look like something I would love to wear...I can only handle two needles...my Grandmother used to make socks with five needles...The new yarns are magic.

  7. Oh! Those aren't plain jane socks. those are cute socks. Speaking of cute! You and your daughter are both just too cute!

  8. How cute!! Very talented!

  9. Hi Alice, are you kidding...plain jane, those are beautiful socks, my goodness!!! You should see my drawer full of white socks, long, short, sneaker socks, they are all white, now, mine are plain. Quite a sumptious basket of yarn you have there, I love all the colors.

    On another note, your birdhouse is my next custom order to do so, it should be ready for you soon.

  10. I love those socks! I wish I knew how to knit!

    I'm having a giveaway at the back porch. Come on over!


  11. What a yummy yarn basket! And your socks are so sweet...you've got skills, girl!

  12. Hey, those are the fanciest Plain Jane socks I ever saw! You are the sock queen!

    Happy day!


  13. Love those socks! They look so warm and cozy! I am always working on 3 or 4 mosaic projects at a time. Drives me crazy too - lol.

  14. These are wonderful socks!
    I don't think they are "Plain Jane". I think they are awesome! You're sooooo good!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  15. Oh those socks are great!!! They are so very special, Plain Jane is definitely not the right description for those. More like heirlooms to me!!!
    Can't wait to see the blue/purple with hint of yellow ones you make. I bet they feel lovely on your feet!
    Ah, yes - you asked about unfinished projects? MANY!!! Always some paintings I haven't finished but on the side, I always have a quilt that I have started hand piecing that is never ever done!!!

  16. Make my own socks???!!! Oh gosh!!!
    I do remember wearing those footies my grandmother knitted and sliding all over the wood floors :)
    !The basket of yarns is very pretty!


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