April 27, 2008


Upon my return home from our California trip...I had a couple of goodies waiting me in the post box....

This beautiful 'May Day' basket from Honeysucklelane. Isn't it just the cutiest little basket? The bottle hanging from the wire handle can't be more than a 1/2 inch long. It's so dainty. I love it! Please pop on over to Honeysucklelane @ http://honeysucklelane.blogspot.com/ You won't be disappointed. She has the nicest blog and you will love her designs.

Then I opened the package from Delila over at Sepia Art Studio. It's beautiful, don't you think? It's called 'Alice's Tea Party'. I just had to have it! The necklace is made with gorgeous torquoise glass beads with one torquoise button added for a touch of detail. The charm itself is made up of a silver spoon, an ever so little teacup, and a vintage doll's leg...reminding you of 'Alice'. I adore it. You must visit Delila over at Sepia-Art-Studio @ http://www.sepia-art-studio.typepad.com/
She makes the most marvelous items all refering to nature, and of course her jewerly is something to see.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~C.S. Lewis


Thank you Delila and Lana! I adore your talents!


  1. Very nice! Packages are fun to receive!

    I enjoyed reading about your road trip!


  2. Happy Homecoming!

    Glad you were happy with your May Dew Gathering Basket ~ now I will have to make one for myself!

    That necklace is beautiful!

  3. How fun to get packages after a trip away:>) They are so sweet. I hope you had a great time on your trip!

  4. Aren't those the sweetest little baskets? I have one from Lana too! She does amazing work!
    The necklace is adorable too. What fun surprises to welcome you home!

  5. I was just reading about Penny and Delila in a couple of recent magazine purchases... Both do exquisite work. I'm not familiar w/ Lana so I'll have to venture over. The best part of blogdom---the hopping!

  6. I love to come home to parcels. These are lovely

  7. What a gorgeous basket and your new necklace is stunning!


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