April 11, 2008


We're off to Sunny Southern California!
(We're hoping it's sunny!)
Not sure when I'll get to post on this road trip. I'll surely take my camera and try to post photo's along the way. It should be quite an experience. We're taking my mother along. So imagine....
One Dodge truck, pulling one small trailer, with...
hubby, me & mother dear, along with...
four dogs in tow!
Hubby has business to attend to. Mother has a wedding to attend to. I am just going along to have fun and enjoy spend time with daughter dear.
(The dogs just come along for the joy of the ride!)
Photo: SimonGriffiths - AvantiPressInc. - http://www.avantipress.com/


  1. Oh what fun. Weather is sublime in Central California. You will find more of the same in SoCal.

    I've been exploring Tahki cotton classic yarn online. I think I will order some and give it a whirl.

    Have FUN in Sunny CA.

  2. Quite a crew on your trip, including all the dogs. Have a grand time and just take it one mile at a time. The weather is gorgeous here in Arizona and will be just as lovely in California.

  3. Alice, have a wonderful trip, you very much deserve it. I mentioned below, but it bears saying again, your scarf is stunning, I really love it. So beautiful and unique.

  4. How exciting! Have a fabulous time and I can't wait to see the photos! (Love the pic you put up on your post!)

  5. Oh this picture made me laugh! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I've been getting a hankering to visit California myself, but can't seem to find a volunteer to watch two 2-year olds for a week while Mike works. And I'm running out of time! By the time I make it I'll be bringing a baby on the outside instead of in the belly!
    Laura B.
    P.S. It's a boy!

  6. Hi Alice,
    Great picture!!!I noticed right off that the husband is NOT reading the map....what's up with that? Have a wonderful trip, be safe, have fun and please say "hi" to Mickey for me (you are visiting Disneyland aren't you?)

  7. Sounds like a blast! Have loads of fun. Can't wait to see the pictures when you return...

  8. What a fabulous image. Enjoy the trip


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