July 23, 2008


Oh ....I've been so busy! I'm working on lots of new things for my Etsy Shop! I'm not ready to post on Etsy yet ...but, I thought I'd share a few photo's of my up and coming new items.

I'm making flannel baby sets. There will be one large receiving blanket and two matching burp cloth's. I first hemstitch the articles, and then I hand crochet a lovely lace border. On some of the sets ...I'll include knitted beanies. Keep and eye out on my Etsy shop ...new items to be coming soon.

A jungle set! I just fell in love with the goofy looking animals!

There will be a beanie or two as well! This particular beanie is made with a beautiful new yarn which contains just a hint of angora. It's so super soft!

This is a work in progress ....it will be a crocheted baby blanket. When completed it will have a beautiful detailed border along with a bit of embellishment. It's a light pink with a chocolate brown stripe. I think I'll add a matching beanie to this.


I may be a week or two more getting items completed and packaged. But, I do hope that you will return shortly to check out my new Etsy items soon to be listed.


As for other projects ....well ....

These are children's socks that I knitted for a one day class that is being offered at the knit shop where I work. The shop is celebrating it's 25th year and in honor of that, the shop is offering a make and take class on Saturday's in August. This is suppose to be the class I teach!

I have also been sewing up a demo project bag. I've been wanting a project bag for so long. I finally made one up and I'm really happy with it. I hope to get some of these made up for my shop as well. So far ...at the rate I'm going ...I think I need to clone myself to get this all done.

The bags are completely reversible and have a small pocket on the inside (or out, depending on which side you have as the outside).

More to come on the project bags. Just wanted to give you a peak!

Last but not least ....a flannel blanket set with matching beanie! I adore this print! Little white sheep set against a blue background and one lone black sheep mixed in. I tried to design a baby beanie that would match this set. I used a Cotton Classic yarn in blue with white band of seed stitch to mimic the wool. I also used a couple of black stripes ...can't forget that little black sheep. I finished it off with a twirly top and an added button for good measure. I think it turned out really cute (if I do say so myself). This set is actually slated for the post box as a gift, so it won't be offered in my Etsy Shop. But, I hope to have more coming soon.


Thanks for visiting and taking a look at my current craft, creative things! There will be more later ...so stay tuned!


  1. My goodness, but you have been ever so busy. I love everything you made. The baby things make me wish for babies again (oops, quick retraction of word choice--ALMOST make me wish). The project bag is wonderful and adding a pocket is brilliant.

  2. You certainly have been busy! Love the fabrics on your project bag!!

  3. I love all of your baby items...but my favorite is your project bag. That is really great!

  4. Today is my birthday and you are cordially invited to my party down by the river. Wear loose fitting clothes and don't drive due to the excessive amounts of food and champagne that is on offer.
    Di at Designers Block

  5. Alice, you are amazing - so much going on, but I can tell it really feeds your soul. That's how I feel on my rare creative occasions. Everything is wonderful!

  6. I love your new ideas, the last set with the sheep is my favorite:>)

  7. I love your creations, and your blog is great. Rose

  8. Look at all your creations. wow! everything is great!T

  9. Holy cow you have been busy Alice...everything is wonderful..I love the sets.

    I'm thrilled to hear your sister loved the gourd. : )

  10. Wow... you have been so productive! I would love to come along to your class... what fun!

    Ruth xx

  11. REally wonderful projects...I'm waiting to see what my neice is having in Dec.

  12. Lovely things you are making! Thanks for your visit! best to you!

  13. how sweet!!! makes me want to have another one.... well, maybe not, lol! but your work is beautiful!
    love the project bag, too!

  14. Look at all these pretty things, you indeed have been busy! At this rate, your Etsy Shop will be overflowing with goodies! Enjoy!




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