July 12, 2008


It's already well into July and this is my first post for the month! I've been busy...
Dear Daughter and Darling Boyfriend came to visit over the 4th! We didn't do much ...they wanted some well deserved rest and relaxation. And, that's what they got! The only thing planned was a baseball game on the 4th! The rest of the time we spent just sitting around and visiting. I think they were well rested when the left to go home!

Darling Boyfriend and Dear Daughter!

Here ....watching the Olympic Swimming Trials with Sweet Hubby!
What else have I been busy with? ....Remember the room redo?
This is the before ...remember? Was I to paint or not to paint?
I painted! I used the same technique as I did on the coffee table. First I painted it red and then painted it in black leaving some of the red showing. New knobs and ...new cabinet. I didn't change the fabric on the inside of the doors. I had just done that awhile ago, so I left them the way they were. I have matching fabric used on the doors on my dining chairs.
I think it turned out really well ...I like my 'new' cabinet.

A view of the top of the cabinet ...I purchased a new little lamp at 'Ross'.

I love the lampshade!

Here is the before photo of one of the side chairs! ....and,

Here's the after! New slipcovers! I was looking for a black print, but when I could not find anything I liked I went with these red toile slipcovers. They look like new chairs! Now I just need to sew up a couple of pillows for the chairs ...and I think I'll be done!

And, lastly ....new quilts! They are really old quilts ...but new to me!

Dear Hubby was back visiting family in Minnesota a few weeks ago and look what he sent back! Three wonderful quilts that his mother had made. Two are patchwork using some feedsacks, the third one she crocheted.

I wanted to display them ...not store them away! They mean so much to us. I went out to my local 2nd hand chic shop and found a well used orchard ladder. Now the quilts have a wonderful new home and we enjoy seeing them everyday!

I've been working on some creative, crafty projects too ...but, I'll save those for another post. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. See you again when I share my creative, crafty projects!


  1. looks like you're enjoying summer...keep it up!

  2. beautiful furniture pieces..
    Love the quilts also.

  3. I was a little worried about how it would look "painted"... but it looks great! Well done! Looks heaps better than before :-)

    Ruth xx

  4. Wonderful redo's! I love your quilts.

    I just published my 200th post. It includes a giveaway. If you have a minute, come on over to the back porch and sign up!

    Have a great week.

  5. My gosh, that cabinet turned out so well. And the reupholstered chairs!! You can come to my house anytime you like to help with resurrections projects. By the way, thank you for your uplifting words to me, dear friend. Tonight will be a turning point one way or another.

  6. It's been oh so long since I stopped and look at all the great things you've done. Isn't it amazing how some paint and fabric can give a room an entirely new feel?
    Those old quilts a real treasure and using a ladder is a good idea. I can see that hung on a wall.
    Can't wait to see what creative projects you've been up to. I am really making a concerted effort to be better about getting to blogs!!!
    HOpe you're enjoying your summer!

  7. What a lovely job you did on that cabinet...just beautiful! And your side chairs look so pretty! Enjoy!



  8. What a cute couple! I'm glad they got some r & r!

    And I love the paint job, someday I'd like to try it too!

  9. Another great redo! The cabinet looks awesome and the chairs are just what I love red and white toile!


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