September 1, 2008


Since my granddaughter is living with us for awhile and will be starting pre-school next week ...we decided to make some B E A U T I F U L beaded socks for her to wear to her new school.

So, out came the beads, out came the crochet thread ....and, we purchased some little socks.

I had found a wonderful 'Beaded Sock Tutorial' on etsy at Simple Beans. If you like to see how it is done you can go to It is a great tutorial, lots of information and lots of photo's and very easy to do.

The first completed pair. We used size 3 cotton crochet thread with light and dark pink pony beads.

Modeled by none other than granddaughter herself ...the photo is a bit fuzzy; but, you can see how cute these little socks turned out. She's delighted with them and wants more!

So .........out came the button box .......

and, we made these!

We are calling these ....'Under the Sea' socks!

Here is the happy girl herself ...all excited about her new socks! We have lot's of different things planned for adding to our new socks, so off I go to get a few more made up. She's wearing a hat that I knitted for her last year out of 'Cotton Classic' yarn. She loves it and since the temperatures plummeted today and we have had rain and hail; she felt it necessary to wear the hat ...even inside!


  1. how fun...Love the hat also..Wish i could knit..

  2. Your granddaughter is a cute pie and so are her new socks and the hat you knit for her. She'll be starting school in grand style. Thank you for sharing the lin, too.

  3. OH my gosh...that girl is styled! The socks are great!

  4. oh those socks are SO cute, and loving the under the sea ones!

  5. She is such a doll! And the socks are sooooo clever! I would never have thought of using the under the sea buttons! Love your ideas!!!
    Laura B.

  6. Alice, your beaded socks are fantastic...where did you ever get the idea. I'm sure your grand daughter will be delighted as she wears them each day. : )


  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Little Mermaid socks??? Just tooo cute :)

  8. I need those socks! Absolutely Adorable!


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