September 9, 2008


Look what I found when I went to work today!

Anniversary Edition

I want it all ....I want to buy all the yarn ....and knit all of the designs!
If you have not seen this book yet, you are in for a mighty fine surprise!
Everything ....and I do mean EVERYTHING is gorgeous!

This scrumptious wrap ...could you not see yourself curled up on the couch in front of a fire with a cup of tea reading a great book with this luscious wrap surrounding you! I'm totally there! I am so over summer and really ready for winter!

And ...this wonderfully, elegant knitted top!

And ...this wonderfully, detailed jacket!

Look at the detail in this sweater! Oh, I could certainly live in this for the winter!

This jacket ...look at that detail! It's so scrumptious that it is paired with a silk evening skirt!

This is totally me! I love the vintage look of this sweater!

Last, but certainly not least is this sweater. It just makes such a regal statement!

I totally want to look like this!


Okay, so I live in a fantasy world! But, there is nothing wrong with dreaming a little. I have tucked this gorgeous magazine away for when I have a little quiet time and can curl up on my sofa with a cup of tea to ever so slowly turn each and every page drinking in the beauty of each and every photo.

Unfortunately for me ....#1 son and daughter-in-law are still living at the house along with granddaughter and grandson. Let's just say ...there is never a dull moment. Or quiet one! The good news is that #1 son and daughter-in-law have both found jobs. Now we just have to save enough money for an apartment! Wish us lots of luck!

Speaking of a fantasy world ...I recently picked up one of my favorite magazines (which will remain nameless) ...but, I'm sure that a lot of you out there in blogland read it as well. There was this wonderfully written article about a very talented and creative artist. Not only does she excel as an outstanding artist, but designs and crochet's the most magnificant garments. If you perhaps read this article ...she totally lives in a fantasy world. The articles claims that she arises each morning by the warm and gentle glow of the sun on her face. She glances at the unfinished garment that she was working on the night before. She rises and picks up where she left off, while hubby dear arrives with cappuccino in hand. After she has worked a few rows on her latest creation ...she descends the stairs into the kitchen where she is greeted with her latest canvas art work. She adds a few strokes to the canvas before leaving for her morning walk in the nearby forest!

Now really ...who lives like this? If there are truely women out there that live like this then I want to find out what they are having for breakfast! I'm lucky to just get one cup of tea in the morning and as for my latest projects ...well, lets just say there are too many UFO's to mention. Between the laundry, dusting, vacuuming and now ...there are diapers to change and two kids to chase all day.

...who rises to the warm and gentle sun on their face?

And...they call this retirement!


  1. OMG! I have only one thing to say - Me Too!! Me Too!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love every single one of the designs in that book! Who wouldn't want to dress like that!? As for the woman in the article....she clearly has servants who do the lowly housekeeping.Now if you'll excuse me, I must add a few details to my latest creation while the morning sun adds just the right glow to my atelier....oh drat! the cat just threw up on the carpet! *sigh*

  3. Alice, I love all the beauty in this should make some of these gorgeous pieces for yourself!!! Enjoy.


  4. These remind me of your beautiful Soft Surroundings wrap that I still envy you for! This book looks beautiful. Since I don't knit, I have to do some online shopping now... :)

  5. I'll have to find a copy of the new Rowan issue as it looks simply stunning. And like the woman you mentioned, I'd love to have my day start like hers. I think I'll try it tomorrow morning when I wake up and see how it goes. Just let the day shape itself and my endeavors.

  6. Beautiful...I agree with you it is time to put on a cozy sweater and cuddle up in a lovely afghan.
    Well now about this lucky woman who lives such an idyllic life...well my day starts with my cat jumping up on my hip and purring...then my Husband makes me coffee...I pick up my needle felting, poke with the needle a few times and then...reality sets in...laundry, errants, cleaning, cooking...and trying to keep up with the new commissions...perhaps she left something out ;)

  7. You are too funny. Obviously, this artist doesn't have children?

  8. Oooh- SO beautiful!
    Sunday blessings,
    kari & kijsa

  9. Hi
    Your are invited to spend a weekend, with me, traveling around my home in the beautiful Tyne Valley, Northumberland. Enjoy!

  10. Those are gorgeous! I wish I were talented enough to make something like that! Thank you so much for your wonderful supportive comment on my Obama post. We need more people who think as we do in this world!!

  11. Who is this woman? I want to know how she does it!

    I love the creations in that book! Guess I'll be on the lookout for a copy....the designs are romantic & so dreamy.
    Take care, DebraK

  12. What beautiful designs! I love every one of them. Now I am curious...what magazine was that in? LOL.....


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