October 8, 2008


Doesn't that sound familiar? Especially at this time of year ....so much to do ...so little time! I haven't had much time these days, but I am making progress getting a few things finished and off my ever ...never ending list!
A few items that I've been working on ....
An almost completed cabled hat ....the matching scarf is finished. I'm really liking how the cable's are turning out. It's very thick and will be extra warm!

An almost finished scarf ...it's an easy pattern to follow, just looks complicated! It's knitted up with a very soft Alpaca wool! Projected deadline for completion ...TODAY! (Well, that's probably wishful thinking. Perhaps finished deadline for completion ...the end of the week?)

One project totally done ...finished ....complete! This scrumptious vest! I love how it turned out! Very simple pattern, quick to knit up with chunky alpaca yarn!

A pair of socks finished! I usually don't use a solid color, but I love this yarn. I designed the leg to have a woven stitch to give it a little character. If you look carefully ...you will see the completed cabled scarf that goes with the cabled hat!

Last, but not least ....a few things for my Etsy shop. I hope to get a few new things in the shop soon! A couple of knitted baby blankets and a few 'spa washcoths'. I'm trying to get some new items listed ....I just need more hours in the day!


Now I'm off ....to start knitting again ...watching the grandkids ...and for today take mother dear in for an MRI! It's a wonder anything gets done with this kind of schedule!


  1. WOW!!! All so beautiful. The textures are amazing. I love that baby blanket. Not enough time in the day, I know! Have a good weekend. So glad you visited me. I always enjoy your creations.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting!!
    Love the knitting! One skill I do not have.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Come by and visit when you can.

  3. I love all of your Knitting.
    While recovering a chair for the very first time, I kept saying , "oh, i will be done with te arms tomorrow, oh I will be done with the back tomorrow..." But it always took longer! I guess it is good that we have high hopes though!
    Have a beautiful weekend and hope that Grandma is ok.

  4. I am afraid that I have not gone beyond knit and purl. The Knit shop that I made the faces for closed this summer. I was just starting to get excited about knitting. I have been told of another shop that has a knitting group that meets on a regular basis. LOL just what I need another project :)
    I agree, so much to do, so little time!!!

  5. Alice, I simply love everything you create....just beautiful!!!


  6. Anyone who can create like you do amazes me!! If only you could knit all of us a few extra hours!!

  7. They are beautiful. I am off to visit our local Alpaca farmer next tuesday and he has some fleece and yarn for me. Can't wait


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