November 30, 2008


Gingerbread House
'Under Construction'

There were little hands
involved in the construction
of this Gingerbread House.

There was intense decision
making involved in the
construction of this
Gingerbread House!

Everything had to be placed just so
....just in the right spot!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Auntie Sara's looking so good!

No Gingerbread Men were hurt
during the construction of this house!


  1. It looks so pretty, and what a great way to spend some time together. I'm afraid I would eat all those pretty candies before they made it to the house:>)

  2. This is what we did today too! So much fun! No eating of the candies at our house. I think this kit had been on the shelf since last year!

  3. That is sooooo cute! Maybe I'll attempt it with Isabella and Gianna next year!

  4. My 16 year old son just asked if we could make a Gingerbread house. Surprised me! We're going to put one together at my daughter's house and start a new family tradition.

  5. How sweet! And what wonderful memories you are making! Love it! Gets me in the mood...if only I could smell the spices!

  6. Tee hee! This will probably be among some of that little girl's favorite memories!

  7. Ow Alice, I love this gingerbread house. Gingerbread is also, one of my favorite cookies, that I love to eat all year long. Actually, I think it is my very favorite. I don't think I would be able to resist this delicious looking house. If I came over to visit, you would find little holes here and there where someone had eaten pieces of your roof or part of a door perhaps. : )


  8. How lucky you are to have your grandchildren near to share such fun times with them.
    Your Gingerbread house looks wonderful.
    I love your new blog design.

  9. Oh my goodness this is one beautiful gingerbread house, almost to pretty to eat!:o) This is indeed lovely!




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