January 7, 2009


December was a difficult month ...I lost my beloved 'Backstreet' the first part of December. He was my loyal and loving companion and my heart has felt empty since he left.
In their eyes we see a loving soul, and in our hearts we know we'll never have a finer friend.
I have been so sad since I lost my little guy, dear sweet hubby and daughter dear decided I needed a new friend to help heal my heart. Daughter Dear found this little puppy through a co-worker.
(In my heart ...I think my little 'Backstreet' had a hand in this too!)
This past Saturday ...Daughter Dear and Sweet Boyfriend drove from California to Las Vegas (4 hours one way). Dear Hubby and I drove from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (6 hours one way). We met at an already designated meeting spot ...exchanged the puppy and we were back on the road. Each of us headed back home. I kept saying to hubby dear 'I can't believe we're driving to Vegas and back in one day!

But, oh was it worth the drive!
I would like to introduce


Sophie is a miniature chihuahua and is 10 weeks old ...she weighs in at a hefty 2.2 pounds; and is truely a healer of hearts.


  1. oh sophie is so adorable...
    i am so sorry you lost your little doggie, they become out kids...
    Enjoy Sophie she will make a great companion..

  2. Sophie is adorable...she looks like she can heal a broken heart.
    I know how you feel about loosing a beloved pet...I lost my two little Pugs six months apart.
    Have a wonderful time with your little Sophie

  3. Oh, Alice, I'm so sorry about Backstreet. Our little animals leave a hole in our hearts that don't quite heal. But it is a tribute to Backstreet that you needed another loving doggie to fill his void.

    Sophie is absolutely adorable! Who couldn't love her?!?

  4. I am so sorry for your lost. Sophie is indeed a cutie pie and looks as though she is capable of giving lots of love. I know the two of you will become very good friends. Enjoy your little Sophie.



  5. Oh to have such companions as Backstreet... I can tell he was a special guy... and Sophie is adorable... I agree that Backstreet had his paw in this...

  6. I am so sorry to hear of the death of your beloved pet. They become so much more than just pets to us. Oh, but little Sophie is the sweetest little thing!

  7. Oh, I am so sorry that you lost your sweet baby. They are just like a member of the family. But I am so glad you found lil Sophie and what a cutie she is!!


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been going through yours, getting to know you, too! I am looking forward to the swap, I know it will be lots of fun!!

    Sophie is a cutie!!!


  9. I'm can't even imagine losing my Rosie. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your new little Sophie might be tiny, but she looks capable of filling a heart with new love. Ahhhh.


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