February 18, 2009


Recently Dolly from My Cherry Heart hosted here second 'Vintage Valentine Swap'. It was wonderful once again. You must visit her to check out some of the beautiful items she received.

My partner was Cathy at Cranberry Cottage. I received her gift last week ...so without further delay here's a few of the wonderful items she sent me.

I love surprises ...oh, what could be inside?

It's a beautiful handmade tote! Isn't it wonderful?

And look ...it's full of some wonderful things!

Cathy sent me some lovely scents from her own
Etsy store. She makes the most wonderful natural products.

Beautiful ...right?

Everything was packaged up so cute!

Thank you Cathy!
It was wonderful to get to know you a little.
And ...thank you Miss Dolly
for hosting such another wonderful event!
Here's a peek of what I sent to Miss Cathy!

A Tisket, A Tasket! It's a basket!

Full of lots of wonderful goodies!
Oh ...I'm feel'n the L O V E!


  1. So glad you enjoyed it!!! I did too! I'm keeping my eyes open for another swap to join. :)

  2. What wonderful treasures! I love seeing all the pretty things!

  3. Great surprises...you are very lucky indeed.

  4. That swap was fun!! She sent you some wonderful things!!

  5. One can never have too many surprises!!

  6. Your swap is full of fabulous gifts!!! It just felt so nice seeing what your were given... What I mean is to receive handmade gifts is SUCH a TREASURE!

    Say... I am going to post tomorrow 92.20.09) how much crocheting I finished! you should show your students for they will REALLY have a great laugh!!!
    I think your will not be able to stop laughing!



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