April 29, 2009


A Touch of Spring!
That's what's on my coffee table!

I had filled a cloche with
faux chocolate eggs for Easter!
I thought it too pretty to put away
right now!
So ....

I added another one of my glass pieces filled with a little nest!

and....lilacs from the garden!

One of my favorite flowers.
The simplicity of them is beautiful.

Also tucked away inside the
little nest is
a little silver charm with the word 'NEST'!
How perfect!

So ....
what do you have
on your coffee table today?


  1. What gorgeous things on your coffee table. Love the sweet little nest token and your lilacs are beautiful

  2. Alice, What a pretty display. I wish I could get lilacs to grow in my yard. I love the way they look and smell! Did your urban gardener get his garden planted?

  3. Ooohh, lilacs smell so heavenly, so like my childhood...

    My coffee table, ha ha...it's a child-size brown plastic picnic table that the girls sit at for snacks and coloring, and Mike and I use as a coffee table when they go to bed! Not pretty, and God knows there's nothing beautiful on it. Ahh, someday again...

  4. Alice, your coffee table display is simply elegant and beautiful and yes, it definately says "spring".


  5. I have a wooden dough trough with a candle in it. And two little round boxes that I decoupaged. One says "art" and the other says "hope."

  6. Ooh pretty!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I just love your coffee table... I want to walk between those flowers and sweet nests... and you would have to hold me back from nibbling those faux eggs...

    Books are what are on my coffee table, and a cup of tea, and boy are they calling my name!

    No rainbow rope labyrinth today, alas, as we are deluged with rain, rain, rain!!!

  8. Nothing as I haven't got a coffee table :(

  9. What's on my coffee table? Ummmm.... dust? Actually a large wooden dough bowl that my husband's grandfather carved. Your spring vignettes are lovely!

    Sorry for the deleted posts. I evidently haven't had enough coffee this morning and kept messing it up... is this Monday? lol!

  10. So pretty! All that's on my table is a stack of magazines. I think I recognized that nest charm:>)


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