July 23, 2009


I'm just not too sure about this!

These are KAYAK'S!

These are KAYAK paddles!
Or is that technically called an OAR?

And...these are LIFE VESTS!

Dear Hubby recently went to a
'Paddle Fest'!
(Not sure what he's checking in
this pic? Hopefully it's the zipper of the
life vest and not his pants zipper!)

And, there he goes! Out to test kayaking!
Needless to say, he had lots of fun!
(I did too! I stayed on dry land!)

See, there he is! A little further out!
He spent the whole day, just testing
out different kayak's!

And... there he is way, way out in the water! I'm a little concerned? Not because he's out so far ...because he's having too much fun! And, you know what that leads to....

Purchasing a new KAYAK! (Photo uploaded from SeaEagle.) He purchased not one, but two KAYAK'S! You know what that means ...I will no longer be on dry land!

I will DEFINITELY tell you I won't be doing this!
That's just crazy! There's something called
an 'Eskimo Roll' that you need to learn to do before hitting the rapids!
I don't even want to know what that is!
Photo uploaded from SeaEagle.

This is more like it ...this is my kind of KAYAKING!
Calm waters, slow paced, enjoying the scenery!
Oh lordy ...what did that man get me into now?
Photo uploaded from SeaEagle.


  1. I look forward to reading how you go kayaking. My husband has been wanting us to get kayaks but I'm not so sure

  2. Oh, what fun that looks like! I'm with you though, the calm water, the scenery... that's more my speed.

    I was laughing to myself reading this because I was thinking, "he's testing them?" He's a man, that means he'll soon be buying one. Or two! :)

    I'm sure you'll be having some great times together on them.

  3. hope you have fun..

  4. Oh my! My sister and brother in-laws do this! Not for me.
    Did you see the young man who just went over the water fall in his Kayak? On PURPOSE!!! Just a sprained wrist.. do not tell your husband! Oh MY!

    Have fun though on those calm blue waters :)


  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog and it is so pretty. Love your colorful quilts! You are just cracking me up with the kayaking thing! Calm water canoeing is more my style. I hope you do get out there and give it a try! It is so peaceful and inspiring! (obviously the white water kayaking does not fit in the peaceful part! LOL)


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