July 13, 2009


A packaged arrived today!
I was so excited!
My hands were shaking!
My heart was skipping a beat!
You see, it was a special package!
It contained my quilt that I made
from Dana's Sew-Along from

Isn't it B E A U T I F U L?

I had sent the quilt off to
Russ and Rhonda from
to be quilted. They also assembled
the quilt and added the binding!

This is the back of the quilt.
You can see the beautiful stitching
that Russ and Rhonda did.
See ...there among the colorful
stripes ....Daisy's Galore!
I picked this stitch pattern because I
think it went well with the quilts fabric.

I'm so excited to have it finished!
Here is Dear Hubby holding it up!
He's there, really! He's hiding behind the quilt!
And, here is the finished quilt;
displayed on my living room couch.
I think I'll leave it here for awhile. Just
to be able to enjoy it. I may just
have to stitch up some new pillows.
What do you think?
Gingham, Black & White,
perhaps a few Red pillows thown in?
Really, can you tell I'm so excited to
have my finished quilt back?


  1. Alice, this quilt is stunning, simply beautiful and colorful. If I had made this, I would leave it on my couch as well, I would want to see it every day.


  2. It is beautiful, I can see why you want to have it out to enjoy it.
    Yes, I think you should add pillows in black and red ones also.
    I am working on another little quilt square...it is such fun.

  3. Oh Alice it's wonderful! What an inspiration to get mine done:>) I love the colors you used and the patterns and the quilting looks perfect!

  4. Its simply beautiful..

  5. It's a nice quilt. I had mine quilted by Ross and Rhonda. Aren't they amazing tho?

    thanks for sharing



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