August 14, 2009


NATASHA BURNS AT 'Artistic Creations'
is having a 'REVAMP IT' style show!
She asked everyone to 'revive something
from your wardrobe or find an interesting piece of
clothing that just needs that extra 'something' to make it
FABULOUS DARLING!' So here is what I revived!

I started with a plain white jersey jacket!

A few doilies ....and,

lace table runners!

I brought out my stash of old linens!

I had actually revamped this jacket several years ago!

To revamp it, I took doilies and lace and started sewing them on in a random pattern until I liked where it was going. I did all the sewing by hand.

For Natasha's 'REVAMP', I took the jacket
and added more beautiful patina lace pieces!

Look at the detail in this vintage crocheted piece.

Tea stained yo-yo's and vintage buttons.

Layers and layers of lace. Part of the table runner is on the back. I cut the table runner in half and sewed it to the back. I took the other half and cut it in half (vertically) and sewed those two pieces to each half of the front jacket.

Up close detail of the back edge.

Detail of one of the shoulders. See, lots of layers of lace!

I also added a bit more detail to the front, continuing the yo-yo detail.

The finished back!

And, this is the finished front!
I hope you have enjoyed my REVAMP IT fashion piece!
Please run over to Natasha's to view more
fabulous REVAMP's. She has links to those who
signed up for this event.


  1. Oh WOW ... this is gorgeous! You really did a superb job, I LOVE it!!

    You have certainly captured the essence of M.P. down to every detail ... it really is dreamy ... ahhhh ... now if someone would only host a garden party with lots of yummy food and champagne .... hee-hee


  2. You did a beautiful job! I
    love all the layers!

  3. Oh my, that is just Gorgeous, so vintage looking, i hope you can find somewhere really lovely to wear it,and show it off

  4. Alice! I love your jacket and I really love how you added the yo yos and heart appliques. You've given me even more ideas!

  5. Hi Alice,

    I love your lovely and creative.


  6. Wow is right! A very nice look ...I would have never been able to come up with such a lovely design. Good job!

  7. Oh wow I love what you have done so much, it's just GORGEOUS! And you hand sewed them all? Wow!!! Thanks for joining in!!!

  8. Gorgeous! Love the layers, the teastained yoyo's, and the pineapple crocheted peice on the back! FAB!!

  9. Beautiful Jacket, I wish I had it now as I have to go out for dinner tonight, and can't think what to wear.


  10. Fabulous darling!!! Rachael:)

  11. What a fabulous revamp. It looks sensational

  12. Such a pretty make-over...and a lovely way to make such good use of those old vintage doilies so that they are seen - after all they would have taken hours to make by hand back then...
    Have fun wearing your one-of-a-kind fashion statement,

  13. You did an amazing job! I have a ton of old doilies that I don't know what to do with, now I have some ideas:>)

  14. An icnredible transformation. Love al the wonderful textures and prettiness that you've added.

  15. I've enjoyed looking at some or these creations and love the ideas! Yours is wonderful!

  16. What a transformation! We bet you get lots of compliments!

  17. Completely lovely! My Mom has one like this and has basically worn it out with love. She should "revamp" as well, hee hee. Blessings and thanks for the visit.

  18. I like it that you let us see that a revamp is never finished! More is more! Well done!

  19. wow!!! what an amazing transformation!! i love all of the layers and textures of your finished did a beautiful job!!!

  20. This is gorgeous! And soooo Alice! I love it!!!

  21. Ohhhhhh Alice, I love love love love looooooooooooooove that!
    I want a jacket like that!
    I'd wear it everywhere!
    WOW.... you did an awesome job..... so creative!
    I am drooling girl!

    Do you mind if I copy a few pictures and put them in my inspirations folder for a future project???

    Oh I seriously do want a jacket like that!

    Gosh I am so glad I did'nt miss this post!



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