December 29, 2009


I find myself thinking of the past year 
and wondering what happened? 
It wasn't the best of years 
...I think we were all struggling to keep it together. 
I'm not one to make resolutions. 
I never keep them;
then, feel like a failure because 
I didn't keep any of them. You know the drill 
.... lose weight, exercise more, 
watch less TV, and on, and on, and on!

This year I've decided to not make the usual 
New Year Resolutions. 
I've made what I am calling my 
'How I want to live my life in 2010!  
(Probably the same as resolutions ...I just think it sounds better!!!!)


Live Life More Simply! 
Keep life simple.
Life doesn't have to be complicated!

Buy Less, Spend Smarter!
Before buying anything; I will consider ...
How much does it mean to me?
Will it substantially benefit my life?
Does it support simple living?

Shed Stuff!
Every month, I will throw out at least
50 items! If they are reusable, donate them!
The house will thank me and my heart will be lightened!

Be Kind To The Earth!
Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim.
If there is anything that I can reuse,
put it in a 'Re-purpose Box'  in my studio.
Recycle anything that I can possible recycle.
Try to buy more earth friendly products and
take those darn reusable bags with me to the store!
I'm forever forgetting them at home!

Slow Down!
I will slow down ..rushing revs up the stress
levels and leaves little room for simple pleasures.
I will walk slowly, breathe slowly, drive slowly
and eat slowly. In Thoreau's words,
I will begin to 'live deliberately,' enjoying
every morsel of life.

Once a month I will do something kind for someone.

Be Kind to Myself! 
This one is a hard one!
I'm so hard on myself! Always questioning
myself, doubting myself! Get rid of all those
'little voices' in my head telling me
I'm not good enough, talented enough!
Ease up a little, after all there is only one of
me and I don't want to leave this world
thinking I was never good enough!

Be More Creative!
Allow myself to be more creative!
As I travel through blog land, visiting new
and wonderful blogs. I find myself questioning
my confidence, my talent, my accomplishment's.
Wishing that I could be as talented as those I
visit, all while secretly wishing that I too
could obtain my full potential and
accomplish my dreams.
I want to be an artist.
I want to be creative.
I want to be one of those talented blogger's
I visit each and everyday!
Deep down in my heart I'm a little jealous of
these wonderful people ...wondering what the
creative secret is?
I suppose there are others out there;
questioning and wondering! The fear of
failure, the lack of belief! Why is it
we never think we are good enough,
never talented enough, always comparing
ourselves to others?
Sometimes I think I get in my own way!
I suppose I need to just get out there and DO IT!
I want to reclaim my inner self; I want to put aside
the negative images that swirl within my head!
Each of us holds a talent, we just have to find out
how to obtain it and not compare ourselves to others!




  1. I LOVE your non-resolutions. They are really beautiful. If anyone can do it, Alice, you can. I am going to work on some similar things, especially the "buy less, spend smarter". You are inspiring me!

    Also, I know what you mean about blogland. I have a love/hate relatonship with it. I get so inspired, then I get downright depressed. Why does it feel like I have fewer hours in my day than other women...self-doubt... But you, you are so talented and creative, do NOT listen to those voices!

    Have a wonderful NYE!

  2. Happy New Year Alice! I've decided to not make any new resolutions either. I'm tired of breaking them. I like what you have written and I plan on using some of your ideas. I like the give away 50 things a month rule. My hubby would thank you if I followed through on that one. I think that I am too hard on myself too so maybe we should plan to never talk to ourselves any different than we would our best friend!! Good luck!!

  3. Happy New Decade. May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.
    Much Love
    Di (Designers Block)

  4. What a thoughtful list. I loved reading it. You've got some great ideas I need to adopt!


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