April 27, 2010


As of my last post,
I told you I was going here ....

Here's why ...

 I was hired to work for Provo Craft
as Craft Specialist!
I'll be doing the Costco Roadshow here in Utah!
I'm so very excited!
What an opportunity, and what a job!
I'll be doing something that I love to do
and get paid doing it!

Now, please bear with me!
I have lots & lots of photo's to share.

This is the line leading into the
Grand Ball Room for the first day of
training. This picture was taken of
the group in front of me ...
the line was the same behind me!
There were about 200 of us at the
Cricut Army Training Convention.
Most attending are demonstrating
Provo Craft products at Micheal's and Joanne's.
And, a few of us were being trained for
the Costco Roadshow (that was me!)

Here are a few of Provo Craft products!

This is the brand new Cricut Cake!
It is a new product being launched in
May. You might have seen it on QVC.
It works like the Cricut Expression, but
it cuts frosting sheets for cake decorating!
It's absolutely amazing!
If you'd like more info you can visit

These are just a couple of examples of what the
machine can cut.

This is 'icing' people ....icing!

Then there was training on this ...

The Gypsy! This is a hands on-take anywhere design studio!
You can load all of your Cricut Cartridges onto this little tool
and do all of you designing with it!
Imagine, all of your Cricut Cartridges all in one place!
Oh, the wonders of technology!

 We each got one (on loan) to use
for our in-store demo's!
If you don't have one of these,
check into it!
This little tool is awesome!
I'm having so much fun working with it!

 Hey ....are there any more plugs available
for me and my Gypsy?

And, we had training on this!

The ever awesome, most ingenious 
CRICUT Expression!
Wow, what a machine!

Here are a few examples from this little baby!

 And, yes you CAN cut fabric with it as well!
The applique's on these pillows were cut
using the CRICUT Expressions!

Can you just imagine what gorgeous creations
you could create with this wonderful machine?

I just had to share this picture!
This T-shirt was made with
the YuDu!
The YuDu is Provo Crafts
Screen Printing Machine!

Oh....the delights!
I just want it all!

And, to top it all off ...
we went here on our last night in Chicago!

 The best, and I mean BEST ....

 Chicago 'DEEP DISH' Pizza!


 Thank you Provo Craft for hosting such a wonderful
and fun weekend!
(A few of the 'green shirted' Cricut Team!)

And, THANK YOU Provo Craft for giving me such
a wonderful opportunity!


  1. Ooooh Alice! What a sweet job! And all the toys that go with it! Yay for you, I hope you have a wonderful time:>)

  2. Congratulations! How incredibly exciting. I'm seeing things I had no idea existed. Wow. You are right on the brink of the cutting edge. How very nice for you.

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful job! How exciting. The Cricut machine and screen printing machines look awesome.

  4. Alice, so glad for you...congratulations, have fun with this new job. Perhaps this is like putting a kid in a candy store. : )

    Thanks for the gorgeous knitting book. I was able to reach the po before they sent it back on me. Again, thanks, I love it.



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