May 19, 2010

CARD CHALLENGE ...and a bit more!


started a card challenge on May 14th!
The challenge is to make a card
using brown, yellow and green paper!

I think I pulled it off!

I used brown (kraft paper) cardstock.
Yellow stripe for background, and
a green muted floral for the
strip and also combined the
green and yellow stripe to make my flower!

I think it turned out pretty good!
Here are bits of the detail!

I even added a bit of detail on the inside
of the card, and made a matching envelope 
with the yellow stripe paper!


This was a card for my daughter's friend!
Can you guess she's having a girl?
Of course, there is a matching envelope!

A bit of close up detail!

Now it's all packaged up, ready to give
to the new MOM!

Now a bit of Mother's Day cards!
 Mother's Day Card to my MOM!

 Details, details!

 Can't forget the matching envelope!

And, for Sister Dear ...

  Her Mother's Day' card!
I loved how this one turned out.

 The set came out beautifully.
I try to work with designs on the
gorgeous papers that are out there.

And, YES! I mail my cards this way.
with the matching envelopes.
I just use an extra stamp since
the card has to manually be processed!

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