July 27, 2010


I'm back! I've been missing in
action lately.

My DH and I left for Iowa on
July 13th. Our grandchildren had been
visiting us here in Utah. So, we
had to get them back home.
After Iowa, we left for
Minnesota to visit with family.

Had a great time and ended
up driving through the Black Hills
in South Dakota on our way back home.

I didn't really take too many photo's,
(it was just a really quick trip)
but we did manage to stop and take
another look at Mt. Rushmore!
The Black Hills is one of our favorite spots.

The detail of this massive undertaking is
just so real ...take a look at Lincoln's eye!
Do you see the reflection?

On the drive home, I was called
to go to Georgia to do a Cricut Cake
demonstration at one of the local
Joanne's Store. So, I got home
Wednesday from our trip back east.
Then I flew out on Friday for Georgia
and came back home on Saturday!
Let's just say ...I'm one pretty tired gal.

The demo went very well, and it was
fun to be in Georgia (though it was 
stifling hot and humid, humid, humid!

My demo table at
in Snellville, Georgia!

If you haven't had a chance to take
a look at this awesome machine, 
then you just gotta go look!
This little baby is awesome!
I had so much fun playing with it
during my demo!

You really should go check it out
at your local Joanne's
They are currently on sale at Joanne's for
$299.99! That's a great price!

If you want to see more, here is
a great video on the Cricut Cake.

I'm so glad that you stopped by for a visit, 
I'm off to get some more much needed R&R.
But, I'll be in a few days with
a card challenge or two!


Thank you for stopping by and
having a cup of tea with me!