February 16, 2011


Two new grunge techniques
that I'm working with.
I tend to be very controlled
when I'm playing with paper.
(Or any crafting for that matter!)
With this technique ...
well, you just have to let go!

(I'm still working on the letting go part!)

Technique #1
Working with Masks

 I used two different masks on this card.
The clock in the upper right corner
and the corner arch in the lower left.
I added a few metal gears,
grunge ink and stamped the
letters ....LOVE!

Technique #2
Clear Embossing

This card uses a clear embossing technique.
I used grunge inks and spray ink
to work the background.

This is the embossing technique.
Clear embossing ink and powder!
After heat set and cooled,
rub grunge ink over image.
The stamped/embossed image
resist the ink!

Learning, learning, learning!
Not sure what I'm going to do with
all this knowledge, but I am
learning a boat load of
paper crafting techniques!

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  1. I really like these!!
    I find that sometimes it's fun to experiment and discover new things which may be out of my comfort zone of creativity. (And I also agree that the 'letting go' is sometimes the hardest part.:)


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