August 2, 2011


I've been dabbling in a bit
of doodling and journal writing!

Over the last several months
I have been very interested in
journal-ling and doodles.
I find doodling to be very meditative.

I just signed up for
 Look's like a fun course!

I also just signed up
to participate in
Hosted by Julie Balzer

So with that in mind
here are a few of my
latest doodle designs!
(Before I show them, I must
apologize for their rotation.
Blogger is not rotating them as
I have saved them ????)
But, you'll get the idea!

I've been working on different shapes
and coloring.

I'm totally out of my comfort zone
with this one. Orange and
green are not colors I usually

I'm starting to
practice lettering!
I think my first attempt went
pretty good!

Hope to be back on Friday to show a few
more! I think this will be fun participating
in 'ART EVERY DAY'. It will give me a bit
of incentive to pull out the journal
more regularly!!
And, Journal Camp.....
well, that's just gonna be FUN!!!

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