August 21, 2007

Ms. Coco with Skinny Scarves....

It's skinny scarf time....I'm knitting skinny scarves to place in my hairdressers shop to sell. (Of course, in my ever never ending...'these aren't good enough, who would buy these, and on, and on, and on. Can you tell I have no self-confidence?) I finally made some skinny scarves that can be used three ways....around your head as a style'n hair band, around your neck as a zippy neck scarf, or for those who might have thin hips....a great looking wrap belt. These little scarves are being modeled today by Ms. Coco (at least that's her name today)! Hopefully, these will be a big hit with the patrons of the shop...(and my confidence will get a boost)!

THE in progress! This is a beautiful linen yarn!

Presenting....Ms. Cocoa modeling a full view of four stylish scarves!

A Closer view...Ms. Coco is modeling two scarves
on her head as headbands...and two around her
her long lovely neck as stylish accents.

A view of the detailed beaded fringe!

A profile view, of the lovely Ms. Coco!



  1. Oh! I love the scarves!! And, I love Coco!!!! Wher on earth did you find her???????? Please do tell! xxo

  2. Coco is such a fashionista all draped in skinny scarves. At last, inspiration for what I can do with the trunk load of my own skinny scarves that I cranked out one year as I blitzed my way through my knitting phase. LOL

  3. Miss Coco looks smashing! Those are wonderful do beautiful work!

  4. Coco is surely one hip gal! I think there are lots of girls who will HAVE to have a scarf in that beauty salon. I love the baby beanies :)

  5. These are wonderful scarves...does the colorful on her head have beads?
    I am with Vanessa love Coco!!!

  6. Thank you for your comments on my teacup wreaths. You are also a very talented lady. I love the way you display the scarfs that you knit. Teacups & Twigs

  7. Thanks for looking @ my pink pumpkins!! Your scarves are beautiful. Do you ever work w/ recycled stuff?? I wish I had time to knit..I used to crochet a million years ago!

  8. Thanks for your visit today to my blog. I'm glad you liked the photos. You are so right...friends and pets are the best because you can pick them yourself. I'll be back to check out what arts and crafts your making.

  9. Ms. Coco what an amazing look! I love the skinny scarves. Melissa would wear as a belt and me well I don't have the skinny hips so a wrap for the neck oh so cozy!!

  10. I like the bright knit skinny scarves Ms Coco is wearing as headbands. My favorite is the multi-color one. It can match with any color outfit. Is it Lionbrand's Incredible ribbon yarn?


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