August 17, 2007


Dear Sister,
Have I told you lately, you are my best friend?

I made this pillow awhile ago about my sister. I don't tell her often enough how much she means to me. As siblings often do, while growing up we sometimes didn't get along; but we never stopped loving one another. As adults, we have lived most of our lives separated by distance. Since moving to Utah, we now only live about 10 miles from each other and can now truely be sisters. It's a nice feeling to know that we can now meet for lunch or have a fun day out shopping on a whim. There is a special bond that we sister's have, it is just something that cannot be explained. It's nice to have a sister.... it means that I have a best friend for life!
(I'm the little sister in the picture.)

Check out the other pillow in the background....that's one I made for my mother-in-law who recently passed away. The picture I used was a picture of her five children. She loved this pillow, my husband brought this home after her passing. It is now displayed on our bed and is a nice reminder of family and how precious time with family is.


  1. A younger sisterAugust 17, 2007

    Sometimes...unfortunately it's like having a worst friend for life :(
    Not everyone is lucky when it comes to sisters.

  2. So sweet! I have 3 sisters and we don't live near each other so I really treasure the times we can get together! What a wonderful pillow, so sweet of you!

  3. remembering my beloved sister alice, my soulmate, my compagnion that opened so many doors for me. hoping she will lead me one day again to this last gate to become reunited again...

  4. This is so lovely - the pillow and the special bond you and your sister share. I dreamed all my life of having a sister.....instead I have "fristers"(friend sisters) and that is the next best thing!

  5. Lovely pillows, very personal and sentimental. Thank you for sharing

  6. Thanks for giving me a wonderful idea for a sister present. My baby sister is my sweetest friend. But then, now that my daughter is grown, she is claiming to be my bestest. I think I can have them both, don't you?
    Thanks also for visiting my blog. I will be checking back on yours again; your work is inspiring!

  7. These are so special. Seeing the pillows puts me in mind of the book I made several years ago for my sister's 50th birthday. Some things can only be made for one person and these are it.

  8. These are GREAT pillows! Did you use Fabric prints? Love it! :0)


  9. Wow, this is so beautiful! It really makes me wish I was closer to my own sister.

    By the way, thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I love meeting new crafty ladies, and from what I've seen of your work, you're quite a talented one!

    Good luck with your crafty endeavors!


  10. Inspired --Love your pillow and now I know why you particularly liked the purse I made for my sister! Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I knit too, but it is too warm here in NC to wear knitted things most of the time, so I mostly concentrate on all my other hobbies, --added a new one today with pottery class!

  11. Al, Just love your blog. You have a great writing style. Sounds like you have a great husband, too.
    Dean in MN


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