September 10, 2007

Halloween Vignettes

Finally, cooler weather! I'm so excited that the air is starting to really feel like fall. In fact I'm so excited, that I decided to get out my fall decorations (and halloween items as well). I must admit that I was a little inspired by Rosepetitemaison's blog the other day showing some of her Halloween Vignettes....I decided to set out my decorations a bit early too. It helps that the weather is finally cooperating, my husband is also out of town for a couple of weeks, what better way to spend my time than setting up for fall! I've only shown a few here, don't want to bore any of you. So, I'll post a few more on next few posts. Hope you all enjoy (please leave comments, I love comments)! HAPPY FALL....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

A very big 'BOO' to all who enter!


Fall greetings on the entry table!


A little crow sits among the autumn leaves!

A fall basket sit's beside the living room fireplace!


A vintage boy and girl ready for a night of trick or treat!


Thanks for stopping by, more to come in the following days!


  1. Thank you for dropping by & your sweet comments!

    I love your decorations, especially the BOO on the door. That is something I've never seen before. Very nice.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for being inspired. I love your decorations. They are so cute!
    I am going to post some of my other Halloween vignettes soon!
    Hope you will like them.

  3. How pretty all the fall decorations and colors... So many of us are so ready for the fall season and all the beauty it brings with it... I enjoyed the summer fun, but I am now ready for a change... Enjoy!


    Beverly :o)

  4. It's all so warm and inviting!!!! THanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Your home looks so comfortable and beautiful and charming. I really enjoyed my visit. Regards, Meg

  6. Simply gorgeous! I LOVE Fall!! Your Boo sign is the best!

  7. I'm so glad you visited my blog so that I can see yours. I adore that little boy and girl in the last picture. They are so cute!

  8. ow dear your decoration is so well done. love the warm colors of autumn adn you've just expressed it so lovely. looking forward what is yet to come...

  9. I'm also a fan of the fall! Love the cool crisp air and enjoy the holiday season. You did a beautiful job with the fall decor. Love it! And I really like your blog!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  10. What enchanting fall decorations you have. You have INSPIRED me to get my fall items out! Thank you for visiting my blog! I certainly enjoyed reading yours!!

  11. Hi and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. So glad to have found yours. Love the decorations---it's never too early to decorate for Halloween! It's been H-ween for 2 months already in my studio and I'm still not sick of it! Enjoy and Happy Halloween in advance...
    Kindest regards,

  12. Cute! I've got to get busy and do the same.

  13. Everything looks great. I have soo much of this stuff and will get mine out the 1st of October. Thanks for getting me in the Halloween mood!

  14. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping in at my tea party yesterday. I'm glad you were able to come.


  15. Your decorations are so pretty, I love the fall colors, they are so rich and vibrant. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  16. We are moving into Spring here in Australia..its soooo lovely. Thanks for sharing your Halloween treasures (it's not something Aussies celebrate)Looking forward to seeing more.

  17. Ooh, I love it all! So pretty and so inspiring. I'm itching to put my stuff out too, but I'm making myself wait a little while.

    I love that Boo sign and that neat hanger with the glass doorknob. Looks neat!

  18. Very fun decorations!

    Us "inspired folks" need to stick together, so I thought I'd come by and say hello!


  19. Hi! I had the best time visiting your home. I'm so happy you found my site and left a message so I could follow it over here.
    I just added you to my link list.

    Thanks so much for your purchase of the first Boo Banner of my season. I can see it will have such a good home with you so I'm thrilled!
    Yes, I have the correct address.

  20. Love ALL of your decorations especially the mask from American Harvest and the vintage boy and girl dressed up for Halloween. Are those new? I'd love to know where they came from. They are so me.

  21. oak wind farmSeptember 25, 2007

    Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I really appreciate that!
    I have been reading and looking through your blog, and I have to say that you are the talented one. We don't celebrate halloween, but I love fall and I love your crow amongst the fall leaves. That is too cute!
    please come and visit me again. I am adding you to my blog list. :)

  22. Alice you and I are kindred spirits/ it all


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