September 6, 2007

New Doors

The new doors are in, I'm soooooo excited! We moved into our house almost two years ago and finally got the all glass slider put in. Our current home was built in the fifties, the moment I saw it I new it was meant to be. The interior of the home had totally been redone by a father/son team. They did a beautiful job, it was like moving into a new home; only better! There were french doors off the family room which goes out onto the back patio. I loved the doors, but it was just a little too dark for me...and I wanted to be able to take advantage of some of the views. Thus, the new doors were installed. I'm so happy with them, they let the light poor in and I feel as if the outdoors is now part of my family room.

The Old Doors!

Nice, but too dark!

And, now let there be light!

Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Sunlight makes all the difference in a room I think! Pretty.

  2. Yes they are beautiful! And thank you so much for visiting me! I enjoyed visiting YOU!


  3. let there be light so the beauty will shine through!

  4. Beautiful doors! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I really love the doors, so pretty... I love a home with lots of light, it just makes a beautiful day even better... Thanks for your visit and come again....



  6. Hi,
    Love your new windows. Very nice.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today.
    Glad you like the Halloween peak.
    There is more to come.

  7. Your new doors are absolutely lovely! Extra light flooding your house is always a good thing, especially during the darkest months when we most need it. Congrats on your new doors.

  8. yes it's a beautiful bright result. the view to your garden looks inviting.
    but i must say i loved the glass of the old doors. what did you do with it? hoping you've found another creative solutions for it!!


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