October 29, 2007

Brain Overload...

My brain is on overload...there is toooooo much sitting in my office and toooooo much whirling in my head. I must get both organized and again breathing. I can't think, I can't work, I can't CREATE! My husband says I must focus...focus on one thing; but, what is that one thing? My whirling mind cannot stop....I MUST focus! Today, I will focus on getting my 'space' (both office and mind) cleaned up. Please tell me there are some of you out there in blogger land that are having the same overload symptoms?

A stack of wool garments, needing to be cutting!

One of my desk spaces. I'm dizzy just looking at it!

My computer space....way toooooo much paper!

Just one stack of yarn waiting to be made up into something wonderful! There's many more stacks of yarn waiting in the wings!

A stack of resource books for Christmas ideas! Christmas? I'm still catching up with Halloween!

I'm running out of space!!!!!!!!!!! Now the ironing board is covered with projects, fabric and notions. How can I iron? How can I think?

My brain? Well, I just couldn't get a clear picture of it....so you'll just have to imagine how whirling it is?


  1. I can so relate to this post, and glad to hear I'm not alone. I like to think of my office as my "method to my madness". My office is always crazy, all the time..the stuff keeps changing, but there's always stuff. Stuff everywhere. Piles of books and magazines. Cat toys, cat beds, cat pillows. Stacks of brochures of places I've been, places I want to go. Jars. Jars of pens, pencils, scissors, craft pens. And please don't get me started on my "to do" lists..so many lists! Like I tell my husband..as long as we have a pathway in and out of the office, we're okay!

  2. Wow! This was ME a year ago. IT,being married to a man with the same mindset at yours, I decided to believe him and just focus. I picked a corner and ruthlessly tossed anything I knew I absolutely would not be using. Tossing also included setting items aside and sending them as big surprise packages to friends that I knew would enjoy receiving the goodies AND would use them. My tossing also involved simply moving like things all into one place together. Once I did that I could actually see what I had.

    Then I went into phase two and here is where it gets dicey. Phase two is always unique to the room that is being tackled so - good luck. Just tossing will make a world of difference.

  3. I love this post! I am a neat freak at heart, but after having four kids, and living in a tiny house (with a hubby who saves everything) - I gave up! lol My house is clean in the literal sense of the word, but cluttered? YES! lol

    I am glad you are joining the challenge! =)

  4. Yep, I'm just like you..I have trouble focusing on one thing..my mind seems to always be going in too many directions. Sometimes, you have so many thoughts and ideas in mind, it is hard to focus on just one and impliment a plan. I loved seeing your work area though, looks like you've got a lot in the works.

  5. Boy I can relate and my family and friends would all agree with you. I would venture a guess that if you took the Myers Briggs personality profile, the last letter would be a "P" That's what I am and it means we respond to stimuli all the time and loose our focus (if we ever had any to begin with LOL)

  6. You & me both!
    I am so unfocused these days...
    I can't seem to accomplish anything!
    I am getting a bit frustrated with myself lately...
    Oh well!

  7. Oh, this sounds like my place, so hard to get organized!
    Sandra Evertson

  8. Oh gosh! Me too! I have fabric everywhere, card and tag making supplies and I just don't know where to start. I guess we should both just start with one thing and not look up until we're done.

  9. That is the exact word I used earlier today describing my situation to a friend, I said I felt like my world is whirling around me and I can't decide where to land!

    Guess we are doing too much, eh?


  10. Okay tomorrow I'm working on my piles and there should be NONE by the time my head hits the pillow...are you in?

  11. you are not alone!
    I need to light a fire under my butt too and get in gear with my swap and organizing of all my stuff that never seems to get put away!

  12. I think you must be channeling me - lol...Same thing here. I have TONS of stuff, I have to do and TONS of stuff I want to do.....

  13. Overload, that is a feeling that really rackles me!

  14. I suffer from this same affliction. It's why I often wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I also can't be creative in a messy space. I can't relax in a messy space. I say start with organizing and the rest will follow. Good luck.

  15. Wow, Alice, this is my dirty little secret and it feels good to come clean! :) I have a disaster area of a "craft room". My life won't feel right until it's organized, and you know how hard that is! I'm always trying to figure out what it would take to really get me there. Recently I decided I'm going to use storage containers and pile them up in there. Not ideal, but if you could see it now... yikes!

    Oh, and with all the supplies I've bought over the past 2 years, I'm up to 3 months on the girls' scrapbooks! I'm feeling too overwhelmed! When I get it organized I'll post a picture on my blog.

    P.S. Don't look for that picture too soon!

  16. I think you space looks pretty organized......compared to mine.

    Good luck !!!

  17. Uh...no...errands and the like are keeping me away from home! Well only a few seconds on the computer LOL...

  18. Oh! Do I know the feeling! Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to hear you enjoyed seeing your old town!

  19. Oh my goodness I have been there, and more than one time LOL! A word of encouragement...getting organized again may not be loads of fun, but I seem to come up with brand new craft ideas as I start to put the stuff away! :o) I begin to see all this stuff I forgot I had, and just handling it seems generate new ideas! Let me know all the new Ideas you come up with... :o)



  20. Yes, I have too much on my plate too! At times like that I try to jettison the things that I dont really want to do (is that why I am resisting doing them?), simplify and if all else fails, just pick one area and clean it up until its done. I always feel so muchbetter once I have stopped avoiding the mess and gotten something done, it makes me want to keep going:>)

  21. Hi Alice,
    Looks like it's time for some purging in your studio! I wish I was closer...I'd love to help!

    When things get out of hand in my studio, I take a day to go through the piles and clutter. I'm the kind of person who can't think straight if there is too much stuff in the way. So I have fun finding vintage items to help organize my space...things like picnic tins, pretty baskets and glass jars. Once everything is organized, I feel lighter!
    Warm regards,

  22. I sympathise with your husband because he has to cope in the same way as mine does!! As for your photos ... are you sure they're your house and not mine??? If you find out how to focus and concentrate on one thing do please let me know. I'm sure you could market the concept!!!

    Good luck!


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