October 23, 2007

Flea Market Finds

Okay...okay....okay, so I didn't have my camera when I went to the Tea Room during my sister-in-laws visit, refering to my last post. I promise, I'll remember to take my camera with me next time I go to the Tea Room. I promise, really! I do have some pictures of a few finds that I made while we were out hitting some of the local second hand shops. I hope that this will give you a little tease into the day that we had.

A few linens that I was able to find...some I'll use for my crafting. It's always hard to pass up really good linens!

I found these three little pieces of cut glass to use on the table to hold tea lights. In fact, I used them that night for a dinner party, they were beautiful and sparkling with the light from the candles. I'm on the hunt for a few more pieces to go with them.

This is a shelf that I have in one of my guest rooms. I'm trying to find small pieces of old pottery to go on it and I found the two little shoes. I could not resist purchasing them for my little shelf. Don't they just fit right in?

This is a lamp base, isn't she beautiful. I'm not sure where I'm going to put her, but first she needs a lamp shade. I think she was a great bargain - at only $20.00!
I've forever been looking for a Granny Square lap throw. I want to make one, but I don't seem to ever have the time. So, when I saw this one....I snapped it up! I think the colors are really beautiful and it looks good drapped over my old rocker in the living room!
More of the Granny Square throw.
Last, but not least...I found this needlepoint pillow and was just drawn to it. It has a dark green trim around it, and the back has dark green velvet. I just love the intricate detail of the squares and the colors. I think it looks good with the Granny Square throw.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the great finds I found while shopping the second hand shops!


  1. What fabulous treasures. What a lucky hunter you are. I NEVER have this kind of result. Using the cut glass for votives and tealights is an excellent idea.

  2. WOW you got some good stuff! treasures to be sure!

  3. What wonderful items you found while junking! I love the idea of using the cut glass for tea lights!

  4. I love the shoes - they are so cute and I never see things like that anymore. Maybe because I don't go "junking"? But you may inspire me to!

    And I LOVE the cut glass! I tore out a magazine article a while back showing how to make candles in those old beautiful pieces, and I've yet to look for the pieces. Yours are just beautiful!

    Love the linens too. Oh, it's all cute! Good job, Alice!

    You've got the eye to see the beauty in things others miss.

  5. What treasures you have found there!
    Love the lady lamp base!
    Sandra Evertson

  6. Looks like you had fun "junking". I love all of your treasures especially that lamp!

  7. Wonderful flea market finds! I have a weakness for both embroidered linens and pretty glassware.

  8. You did find some very nice things Alice! Thanks for stopping by over at my blog. xo, suzy

  9. Bautiful! I always go for antique linens too! I just can't pass them up. We like a lot of the same things:>)

  10. HI Lynda, your flowers are just lovely..love your kitchen too. That you for mentioning the Endless Summer Hydrangea. I think I've heard of them, yet don't know if they are available in this area. That is something I really want to look for next year.

  11. Great stuff!!! Really like those little pottery shoes. Keep adding treasures to that shelf. It's on its way to looking fantastic!

  12. i love the glass ware and the elegant lamp stand of your finds. would like to know what you plan to do with them all!!

  13. Love all yor sweet treasures. I especially like the lamp base and hope you share her with her lampshade. I agree the you never know what treat is around the corner. Linda

  14. Such great finds, I love outings like that.

  15. Hi Alice- it looks like you didn't pass up much!!! Great fun!


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