January 28, 2008

Blogger Craft Challenge II

Another Blogger Craft Challenge II hosted by Beachys Cape Cod Cupboard http://beachyscapecodcupboard.blogspot.com/
After much success with Blogger Craft Challenge I, Beachys is hosting another challenge. You can hop on over to Beachys and there's a link to those who are participating. Those who signed up were to take the above image and create something using this image and post it on January 29th. I'm a little early, but I'm gone most of tomorrow and wanted to get this posted.
I decided that I wanted to try something different and unique, so I designed an ascot scarf. Using white wool as a base, I needlefelted various strands of wool roving along the length of the scarf. I was experimenting, thus the curves and curly cues. I then made several small burgandy hearts with a little yellow mixed in (again experimenting). I thought of hearts....(1) because of the photo (2) because V'day is almost here. Here is my crafty creation, I'm not quiet sure if I like it...remember, it's an experiment! I hope you enjoy it.
"Wedding Bliss Ascot"
To better incorporate the photo, I used two others that I found in my collection. The photos aren't really clear, but the blogger challenge photo is on the bottom. Then there is a photo of bride and then a photo of the bride and groom. They aren't really the bride and groom, but it was a close match. I don't think the wedding party will mind!

There is a small slit on one side of the ascot so that you can pull the other side through.

A view without being pulled through the slit. You can see the photo's a little better!

I hope you have enjoyed my bloggers craft challenge creation. Thank you Beachys for again hosting such a wonderful and creative outlet. I look forward to seeing what other creations my fellow bloggers design.


  1. What a wonderful creation.

  2. FABULOUS and so original!
    Yours is the first of the Beachy's Craft Challenge II that I have seen and I love it..well done!


  3. Your ascot is so neat. you did a lovely job.


  4. WOW! I would never have thought to do something wearable! This is amazingly stunning! What a lovely job you've done! Thank you for participating again!!!

  5. I can't EVEN imagine how you really made this- pretty darn cool!

  6. Oh, that's pretty! Great idea!!

  7. What an interesting take on the challenge! Looks wonderful.

  8. Original creation.I loved the experiment as this.

  9. So original!! What a great job! This challenge was os g=fun & seeing everyone's creativity is amazing!

    kari & kijsa

  10. Alice, I love what you have done in the crafter's challenge...this is just absolutely gorgeous and so creative. Kudos to you.

  11. You did wonderful work with the photograph from Beachy's craft challenge.


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