February 1, 2008

Sewing Project Completed....

Wow, two posts in one day! My first ever, but I did want to share with you the completed sewing project I've been working on. Did you ever guess what I was sewing? Well, here it is... I've been sewing Market Totes to sell in my etsy shop. These totes are sold in pairs and are quiet fashionable. They are made of cotton/cotton blend and can hold a large assortment of purchases. They fold compactly to carry in your purse, car or suitcase when you might need extra carrying power on the return trip. And...they are machine washable. They are lined in contrasting fabric, and have two large pockets for those little extra's. I'm selling them for $35.00 a pair with FREE SHIPPING!

My Market Tote, after a trip to the market....full of lots of goodies!

These Market Totes fold neatly into a 5" x 6" x 1" compact size. And, are secured with a vintage button.

The Market Totes are made in a variety of fabrics, all with coordinating lining and pockets.

Some are cute and contemporary.

Some are modern....

and, some are vintage!

A peak of the inside of one of my Market Bags. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! It's been fun sewing these up! I say, 'if you're going to save the environment....do it in style!"


  1. You are very talented!!
    Very pretty!

  2. How wonderful! I'll have to visit your etsy shop and see what all you have over there.

  3. How absolutely cleaver, and oh so fashionable.

  4. Some are this, some are that, but they are ALL wonderful!!!

  5. these are really great. What beautiful fabrics you chose too.

  6. Alice, the tote is really beautiful. I think these will be super on ETSY. Best of luck with them.

  7. Awesome totes! I love the vintage ones:>)

  8. How gorgeous!!! Wow you've been busy!
    And I love your love shack in the post below, cute name for it too.
    Then new banner is really beautiful by the way!

  9. Those bags are great Alice. I hope you sell lots of them!

  10. Great projects. I really like the little totes. You did a beautiful job with everything.

  11. Great job, Alice - these are beautiful! And good for the environment if people use the totes instead of plastic bags. I love it!
    Laura B.

  12. Those are lovely! Do you ever do them in toile?

  13. Hey, looks like you have a new look!
    I love these totes. They are really wonderful! I am forever grabbing some old bag WISHING I had something so cute and fashionable at the ready! You can't have too many cute bags.



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