February 5, 2008

Winter Favorites...

A few of my favorite 'winter' things....

His and her boots!

Snow balls on puppy legs!

My doggie....Abby, she loves the snow!

Garden Angels under a carpet of snow!

The stillness!

Walking in the snow....pure bliss!

What are your favorite 'winter' things?


  1. Blogs! Homemade chicken pot pie!
    What is snow anyway???

  2. Love the snow pictures! We have a goldie too and she loves the snow!
    Jen R

  3. I love how you beautifully captured the awesomeness of winter. Being in California, there's not much snow here, so I'm living vicariously through you!

    Please stop by my blog...I'm having a Pampered Package Giveaway!


  4. Those angels in the snow images are beautiful

  5. BRRRR! Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog today. You made me smile!

  6. It's my first visit to your blogg and already you are teasing me - with snow. I love snow but haven't seen it for many years. I'll be glad to see the end of summer, it is getting cooler here and I can feel Autumn coming and giving me a nice warm feeling, it's much better than the hot, sticky feeling Summer gives me.

    Enough of my story, BTW I love your rug.

  7. What a sweet blog you have! I too,live where there is no snow and enjoy it virtually online. Love your cones- will have to read more of your Blog! Have a lovely day!


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