March 26, 2008


The wedding flowers are done! YIPEE! These flowers have been hanging over my head for awhile now. I can now turn my attention to other projects.
Here are the final bouquets. Five bridesmaids, one bridel bouquet, and seven Boutonnières. The bride wanted light pink, light purple and blue in her bouquets. These bouquets are shipping out today, I sure hope that the bride likes them. It was really hard to make these, the wedding party is in Iowa, I'm in Utah. Most of it was guessing?? goes...
These are the colors!

These are the bridesmaids bouquet's.

The bride's bouquet!

The Boutonnières!


I really need to learn to say NO! I'm always getting myself in deeper! I'm glad that this project is done!


  1. The flowers are gorgeous and it's so nice to have such a big detail resolved.

    I have a terrible time saying "no." It's just awful. One day I tried practicing in front of a mirror. I said "no" over and over in different tones of voice until I felt like it would work. Then the telephone rang and I said "yes" to the request. Just goes to show that I don't think I'll ever get good at the "no" thing.

  2. The flowers are beautiful - so "spring-y" - I'm sure they will love them!
    Laura B.

    P.S. I got the girls' Easter Bunny shoes at Gymboree ON SALE around Christmas! Am I the only one thinking ahead to the next holiday? HA HA! :)

  3. Beautiful bouquets. And I'm pretty good @ saying no... In any event, I TRY to never automatically say yes. I like time to mull it over. Again, your bouquets are heavenly!!!

  4. whew! doesn't that feel good! a load off! I just finished the shawl and feel the same way!

  5. jaditejacksMarch 27, 2008

    Your flowers are fabulous...
    Love all the soft colors!
    I'm sure the bride will adore them!

  6. Those flowers are simply beautiful! I am sure the wedding party will love them!

  7. So pretty! I'm sure she will be pleased :)

  8. I can't seem to say no either.
    Good thing you didn't, because the bouquets are beautiful. She'll love them!!

    Have a beautiful week.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  9. Isn't that the best feeling? getting something something completed? Good for you!!!


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