March 25, 2008


Trying to catch up! If that's ever possible! I've had lots of projects hanging over my head and I decided I just needed to sit down and get them done. The main project being wedding bouquets for my daughter-in-laws friend. I promised that I would make the bouquets for her. So far the flowers have just been sitting in my are many projects.

Her colors are light pink, light purple and blue. I threw in a touch of white. Here's my progress thus far...I'll post the finished bouquets once they are completed.
Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere!

Light pink....

The beginnings of the bridesmaid bouquets...

The brides that I see it perhaps I'll change the middle flower to purple?? Right now it's a very pale pink! We'll see! I tend to do and re-do as I go along. Come back soon to see the finished bouquets!


  1. Just beautiful Alice..I really love the colors she picked for the bouquet and for all her flowers.

  2. You've a perfect page, and i liked your colors & projects.Thanks for sharing them all.Best regards,


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