March 19, 2008


I thought I'd share a peek into some of my works in progress. ...Remember when I blogged not too long ago about my abundance of sock yarn. Here is a picture of the beautiful Lorna Sock Yarn that I had picked out to start working on.

They are coming along quite nicely. I always love to have a pair of socks hanging around to pick up and knit. These are pretty basic, except there's a row of Knit1, Purl1 thrown in giving the socks small horizontal ridges. I think I'm liking them, and I know I love the colors. It's a bit different for me. I tend to stick with basic colors, but this yarn spoke to me. It's called 'Circus'. See the blue knit piece underneath the socks? ...that's the makings of a Christmas present! Yes, you are correct...I said the 'C' word. I have yarn for the makings of five, count them '5' Christmas presents.

This beautiful yarn is for a Christmas present. I loved the colors and it's so soft. It's Alpaca hand dyed wool. I won't tell you what it will be or who it's for! Just wanted to show off the beautiful colors.

These three lovelies are also for Christmas presents. The top darker brown is for a pair of socks! The lighter brown and creamy yellow are for two more of the blue knit that you see beneath. Again, I can't say what they are going to be or for whom they are going to go too. I have to keep it a secret!

Now, this for me! I've been wanting to pick up crocheting again. Don't ask me why, not like I have too many things going on right now. But, this I just had to try this. The square's aren't sewn together yet. I only have six! I need 88 squares according to my calculations. Only 82 more to go...we'll see. This is going to be a copy of the CathKidston granny square blanket. On her website it's listed for an unbelievable $245 dollars. You can check out her version here - Once mying is complete...maybe $80 or so. I know I could have used a cheaper brand of yarn, but I wanted this to be really nice. I'm using a wool blend 4-ply yarn. Isn't it delicious?

Thanks for sharing with me! I'll keep you posted on how all of these projects are progressing.


  1. Pretty colors!!

  2. nice CK granny squares!

  3. Alice, Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like so much fun. I'd spend all my earning there though. Good luck with that granny square blanket. My daughter is finishing the one I started.

  4. I love the granny squares. If you are overwhelmed by 88, why not make doll blankets? That would be so cute!

  5. I have admired that Cath afghan..the colors are just perfect!

  6. Such yummy colors on those granny squares! And I LOVE that skein of alpaca yarn! =)

  7. Alice, I love those socks you are making, what can I say...I think they will be so pretty. I also was just looking at your ETSY shop and I love the throw that you made, that you have listed there, it is beautiful.

  8. The yarn is so pretty! I've thought about crocheting again, too. It's been about 4 or 5 years since I made anything. Maybe I'll do a ripple afghan. I've tried getting enough granny squares together and wasn't successful! It'll surprise me if I can finish a ripple!


  9. Your socks knocked my sock off! I love the colors. And I have always wanted to learn to crochet. I can knit - just the basics though..

    If you are still looking for Romantic Country Magazine, try Lowe's...Thats where I found mind.

    Have a great Easter!

  10. stuff! I just picked up the Cath Kidston book on sale for 4 dollars at Home Goods. I love the fabrics but I don't really see the projects - I will have to actually read it instead of flipping through it. I think your crocheted granny square blanket will be a wonderful heirloom. Have a Happy Easter, darlin xxxooo calamity

  11. I can't EVEN imagine trying to knit OR crochet. Not a clue how you do it. Wonderful!

  12. Oh I love the squares! I love the red and all the pretty colors! It will be beautiful!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  13. I find knitting is so theraputic


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