May 12, 2008


We took off this past weekend for camping and a group meeting with the 'Salty Teardrops' in Bryce Canyon, Utah. It was a specatular weekend and loaded with lots of fun! It twas' a bit on the cold side...the lowest night temperature was 30 degrees. I underestimated where we were going ...needless to say I'm restocking my camping gear to include parka's, beanie's and gloves!
Now for the trip! You ask, 'What is the Salty Teardrop' group? Well, it's a group of people ....young and old who have a fasination with teardrop trailers. Teardrop trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We're lucky to have finally found a group here in the Salt Lake City Valley. There were people from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and of course Utah at this particular campout! It was loads of fun and we met lots of wonderful people! Now you may be asking what is a 'Teardrop Trailer'? Where here it is .....

Here it is ...our tiny little 'Teardrop' ....and yes, we absolutely sleep in it!
As you can see by the picture's a matched set! The teardrop and the cruiser! We look very stylish driving the open highways with our teardrop trailer!

Here we are at the campground and a closer look at out little home away from home!

An inside view ....see I told you that we sleep inside. It's so cozy and surprisingly lots of room.

Another view of the interior. There are even cabinets inside for nightly necessities, clothes and a place for our music. We never travel with television or radio ...only our Ipod. We totally get away from it all when we travel or camp!

Here's one of the spectacular views from our campsite! If you have not been to Bryce Canyon before's definitely worth the trip!

Another view! I took lots of pictures, but won't post them all. I would surely bore you!

Here is our little camp set up! This is the kitchen area!

Complete with hot tea! We never leave home without our tea!

I even took a little knitting, even though I didn't get much of that done!

And ....last, but not least ....the biffy! I totally have to have this when camping with the teardrop!

Driving through 'Red Canyon' upon approaching Bryce!

This is a picture of the rock formations within the canyon. They are quite spectacular.

These formations are called 'Hoo-Doos'. Something we learned this weekend! The definition is Hoodoo \Hoo"doo\, n. A natural rock pile or pinnacle of fantastic shape. [Western U. S.] The formations are caused by billions of years of erosion. I thought I'd share that bit of information with you today.


I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. I will post a few other photo's on a later post. I'll try to include a few other sample's of teardrop trailers and a few more scene's of Bryce Canyon.


  1. Loved all the photos and thank you for answering my unasked question...where's the biffy?! I would need one of those too. That one looks great!


  2. ok that is officially the cutest wee trailer I've ever seen! How cute that it matches the cruiser too. My husband is 6'4" so I can't imagine he'd be able to sleep inside a trailer that size though.
    The biffy, admittedly I had to google it although I was pretty sure what it was. So you travel with a collapsible loo?
    I've camped all my life but now, well now I'm in the "let's get a hotel" mode.
    Great pics.

  3. Hi Alice, wow, what a great time you had...beautiful views. Is that an electric blue PT Cruiser I see there??? I have an electric blue Cruiser that car.

  4. I adore teardrops but cannot talk the DH into even looking at them. What a way to go. I googled biffy. The pic was pretty self-explanatory but . . . well, had to check. Way cool.

  5. Oh that trailer is adorable! It looks so cozy and pretty. Do you fit all your kitchen things and supplies inside? Does it ahve windows to let a little air in?

  6. I loved traveling with you! I'd do something like this in a heartbeat. I love adventure.

  7. I forgot that you had that cute Cruiser and matching trailer - it's adorable! Looks like a great time!
    And isn't it funny how wonderful tea tastes when you have it outside somewhere so beautiful? It's like the best combination of indoor civility with the great outdoors!
    Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing!
    Laura B.

  8. I love your little Teardrop and what fabulous places you visit

  9. Very cool...I want to go camping in a teardrop too!

  10. Girl! When you travel, you travel in style! I would almost consider camping with that set-up.

  11. These rock formations take my breath away!!!

  12. What a great trip! And those teardrop campers are so sweet. I've always wanted an old Airstream.

  13. What a cute little trailer!!
    Thanks for sharing all of the great photos.


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