May 21, 2008


Enough is Enough! I've been away for awhile ....knitting of course! Only this time, I've had enough. My hands are sore, my eyes are tired, everything else has gone on the backburner ...including 'blogland'. I've decided enough is enough and I'm done, atleast with this project.
Debbie Macomber author and novice knitter is visiting the knit shop where I work. Yes, indeed! She will be visiting on Wednesday, May 28th for a book signing and then a private meet and greet. Needless to say I'm signed up for the meet and greet and will be bringing mother dear along. Debbie Macomber will be here to sign her new book 'Twenty Wishes'. I've been so busy knitting, I have not even been able to read her new book. As the story goes ....

I go to work a few weeks ago. Just like normal, nothing unusual. But then I arrive at the knit shop and notice a new pattern sitting on the counter. It's for a beautiful lace shawl. The pattern is from Debbie Macomber's to be a free gift for those attending the book signing. Well, shop owner wanted a sample of the shawl made up and I inadvertently said ....'Oh, I'll do that for you!' I just don't know where the words come from? I hear them, I know that I'm saying them ...but, then I say to myself 'was that me, did I say that?' Oh my, did I get myself into a pickle this time. On a time crunch, knitting something that will be seen by all ...oh my! I really did it this time!
Famed author Debbie Macomber.

She will be visiting to sign her latest book. 'Twenty Wishes'.

I'm done! I can't knit another stitch.

This is the knitted shawl for Debbie's visit. It needs blocking, but you can see the detail.

The little pattern that was sitting at work that started this whole thing!


After endless hours of knitting, I finally stopped last night. Though I could have probably put another 12" or so on the shawl, I just can't do anymore. It's finished, it's going to the shop today for blocking and fringe. I'm done. Oh, please, please don't let me say 'Oh, I'll do that for you!' anymore.


  1. Ha ha! If I had a nickel for every time I impetuously volunteered for something and then felt the cold hand of panic tighten around my throat...I'd be rich! You pulled it off though, the shawl looks beautiful! Deep breath, repeat after me....never volunteer, nevr volunteer...never....

  2. It's gorgeous and I'm sure it will be much appreciated by all who see it, including the author. I have a problem with saying such things, too, which inevitably takes over my life and I get overwhelmed with the craziness of it all. I'm off now to stand in front of the mirror and practicing saying "No" as well as saying nothing.

  3. It's amazing that most of us as women hear ourselves offering ourselves for things and thinking at the same time, "stop talking, stop talking!"

    You did an amazing job though, the shawl looks beautiful!

  4. Alice, that shawl is just gorgeous!!! Love it!!! You should be proud of yourself. Let us know how it goes meeting one of your favorite author's...she we get to see the shawl you knitted from her pattern too. : )

  5. It is beautiful. I want one! ha ha

    You would not be the person I love and admire if you said no all the time.

  6. And I was just about to order 10 of them for gifts LOL!

  7. That is beautiful, and a great shade of pink!


  8. LOL! It just slipped out... that's what always happens. Too bad you can't slip it back in just as easy!
    You did a beautiful job! Everyone will be wanting that pattern now!

  9. It's absolutely beautiful!

    I will look for Debbie's book.


  10. oh to be able to whip up something like that so quickly! Feel blessed that you have the talent!

  11. How pretty!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind get well note!


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