December 13, 2008


A winter storm has settled upon the area.
Today is a good day to nestle by the fire
and catch up on some
last minute holiday knitting,
and if time allows ....some reading.

Since today is such a 'Winter Wonderland'!
I thought I would share the
rest of my holiday decorations.

'Fairy Land'

Nestled on top of my living room secretary desk.
I always decorate this piece of furniture with my
fairy collection and beaded garland.
I didn't put out all of my fairies this year.
I suppose I should get them from storage ....I think that the little
ones left out are feeling very sad.
I think I will go fetch them after this post.

This is my table where I usually display my crystal
candle sticks and mercury glass.
Instead of storing them away for the holidays ...
I try to incorporate them into the decorating.
I add lots of glittery accents, pearls and sparkling garland.

More glitz and glamour!

The beaded ornament ball sitting on a candle stick is one that I made last year. You know the old trick ...taking a styrofoam ball, adding sequins, beads, and pearl pins. I wanted to make more, but this one took awhile. Perhaps I should devote a little time throughout the year (next year) to make a few more?

My 'Glam' ornament ball!

I decided I needed some lighting on the display. I found these lights at 'Big Lots'! I think they are just the perfect ones. Lighted stars that change from white to blue!

Evening is the best time! That's when everything just sparkles!

My entry table!

This table always gets decorated
with my angel collection.

It's all so Magical!

She may look vintage ....but, she's from one of my favorite stores TJ Maxx!

I love to use lots of glitter and glitz!

Last, but not least ...this little guy! He is so ugly just makes him downright cute!

See ...he's really tall, has short arms with big hands and a really big nose! You just gotta love him!



  1. Beautiful. Here in the UK TJ Max is TK Max and I agree that it's great for Xmas decorations at knock down prices.

  2. Charming! Charming! Charming! I wish I could bring my girls into your home - I think their eyes would be wide open and their jaws would drop in amazement and awe! Very beautiful decorating, Alice!

  3. Everything is so sparkly and festive! Love your little guy... wouldn't be Christmas without an elf!

  4. Your house is just beautiful ALice. I have the box you sent me in the swap last year on a side table in the dining room and I think of you every time I see it. It is so beautiful:>)

  5. oooh! everything is so lovely ~ especially all the sparkly glass!

  6. Wonderfull chrystal-glass decoration you have!!!
    Wishing you a great New Year with your lovely grandchildren...
    from Berlin


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