December 19, 2008


It's not fancy ....but, our little bags
have been a huge success!
These little bags have been used
to count down the days before Christmas!

I was hoping to get a little fancy with the bags!
Instead ...there was just enough
time to go buy lots of little things
and pop them into numbered bags!

I sometimes did this for my children
while they were growing up, since my grandchildren
are living with us for awhile;
I thought it would be nice to
keep the tradition going.

And happy customer!
Since my grandson is still very young,
I only did bags for granddaughter.
Here she is ...wearing her 'SpongeBob' PJ's
and a new pair of gloves!
Both ....little surprises that were tucked
into a few of the little bags!


I hope to make these little bags!
They seem much more appropriate!
I have already decided that
I'm going to start in January
...making all the holiday ideas
that are whirling in my head!


  1. Such a cute idea - I'll tell you right now I'm copying it! And I think I'll start in January too! I would like to do fancy bags too... well, you'll see next year if that happens...

    You must have some happy grandchildren being able to live with such a sweet grandma!

  2. What a cutie your grandaughter is! I had the same thought, I should start in January in order to be done for next year, I know I'll be ready to move on though. Ah well, the kids don't know the difference do they? We are the ones who set the bar so high we have to start running a year ahead of time in order to jump it!

  3. I've never heard of the little bags but I like that! Keeps the gift giving going all month...with lots to look forward to! Great idea!

  4. That is the cutest idea I've seen in a long time! And it's an advent calendar too!


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