March 12, 2009


Finally dream space has become a reality!
Since moving to my current house I have been
lucky enough to have a room of my own.
Only problem's never been what I
pictured in my head! You know that
feeling have a vision, but in reality
it's just not happening!
Well, now I have my dream space
and I'm lovin' it!
Now I just need to find the time
to spend in my new

(Please bare with me ...lots of photo's.)

How could anybody
work among this mess?

Totally unorganized!

So many projects
....I just couldn't possibly get to anything!

Forget even getting to the closet
...much less getting into the closet.

Really? This is
totally embarrasing!

But now looks like this!

I am so in love
with my new creative space!
I can finally breathe!
My room can breathe!

I have a great work table now!

I took down the shelving around
the work tables. I now have
a beautiful inspiration

I created this banner a while ago! I never really got to enjoy it, but now's the center of my inspiration wall. The piece below it old screen that I've been carrying around for years; I never new what to do with it! Now, it's part of my inspiration wall! The screen works as a magnet board! How genius it that?

I made two project boards using
foamboard. I covered them with
some pretty pink quilted fabric
that I already had!

I created some quick inspiration using embroidery hoops and some wonderful fabrics.

I'm embarrased to say I have not one, not two ....but,

FOUR ...count them four sewing machines!
Okay one is an embellisher machine.
One is a serger.
One is a sewing/embroidery machine.
And ...then there is just the machine to sew with!

Okay here is my new dream
space! Big improvement, don't you think?

...if I could just 'Live the Creative Life'!
PS ...Just a note! I did not buy anything
new to create my new room. Everything created
'new' for the room were from things I
found while cleaning the room!
And, the great work table? It was stuck
in the laundry room doing nothing. Now
it has purpose!


  1. Wow.... you have been busy. That is some great Spring Cleaning.

  2. Oh my!....maybe I should organize my room now that I´ve seen yours.

    It´s just Wonderful!


  3. Great job, Alice! I'm impressed. You are creative in so many mediums that you really have a lot of supplies to get organized - and you were able to do it and at the same time make it beautiful and "you"!

    I'm almost done with my crafting area, I'll post when mine is done as well!

  4. Alice now that you are done with your creative space..... will you come and organize mine????
    What can I use to bribe you with?

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for the wonderful knitted washcloths!
    What a fun surprise to receive in the mail yesterday! You made my day!
    Thank you with all my heart!

    Hugz, Dolly

  5. Wow Alice! You sure have been busy. Your craft room loves wonderful. Good job!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  6. Very nice! I know what you mean about having so much that you can't find anything to 'create' with! Shelves....lots of shelves and they look great. I also LOVE your inspiration wall! I'm working on that for my new hobby room!

  7. Alice, congrats on your new creative have done an outstanding job on it, it is beautiful and functional at the same time. Love your banner and your inspiration board.


  8. Looks great. It must have taken an age to get it like that.

  9. What a wonderful space! I'm envious of your sewing machines... mine needs some repair, so I am glad you have these wonderful tools and the room for them! I really like what you say about using what you've got. This is a good reminder and will take it to heart. Enjoy this great creative space Alice! Yeah!!!!

  10. hey Alice what a great transformation!! lucky you!

  11. What a wonderful transformation. Your special space it truly special! We all need a room that is just for us. I hope you carve out some time to enjoy it.

  12. Wonderful space! My studio looks much like your before pics! I have been hanging onto an old screen for years....thought of hanging earrings on it...etc.....I never even thought of magnets sticking to it and using it as an inspiration board!! Thanks for the tip....I love that old thing!

  13. Hi Alice! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I love looking at your creative space and I'm envious of your huge design wall!


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