March 19, 2009


I hit the motherload of Vintage Pillowcases!

I've been wanting to make a few things from Vintage Pillowcase.
Though I have a few, I wanted more!
(Don't we always want more?)
The 'Vintage God's' were looking down upon me,
because when I went to check out EBAY
....they took me right to these!
Only 1 minute left to bid ...was I in time?
...did I land the 'motherload'?
Yes, yes indeedy!

It was just 'meant to be'.
These vintage pillowcases were destined for my sewing room.

Aren't they great? Some are matching ...

A few have great colors and beautiful flowers.

And, some have gorgeous embroidery!
When and if I ever get extra time to sew up
a few delights ...I'll be posting them.
Atleast when I'm ready to sit down at the old
sewing machine ...there will be plenty of
vintage pillowcases to choose from.
How about you? What wonderful ideas do
you have for the use of vintage pillowcases?


  1. How wonderful! I love anything embroidered! I would probably fold them neatly and stack them where I could see them and the beautiful handmade needlework! I'm so happy for you! What treasures!

  2. Wow! You sure hit the jackpot. Don't you just love it when treasures just seem to fall in your lap?!! Lovely, lovely pillowcases. I can't wait to see what you make from them!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  3. I really cannot wait to see what you do with these! They are starting out beautiful, and you will only make them even more special. I can picture some used as the apron part of little girls dresses. Have fun with them!!!

  4. My blog has been turned off...not blocking you! I'm taking a break :)

  5. you can use my pattern on my sidebar to make a pillowcase drawstring bag! Congrats on the eBay jackpot!

  6. I have used them to make pillowcases dresses (for sundresses and nightgowns). Also, the edges (8" or so) make great skirting for little girls dresses. For some examples of what I mean check my blog under "Labels: Sewing and Such". There is a set made out of vintage bed sheets and I have one that I mix new and old to make a bee outfit with a beautifully embroidered skirting. Most pillowcases are one sided, but if you have a two-sided set you can make little girls pantaloons like the yellow sheet set I have pictured. I hope this helps. Hmmm... anything that you can use fabric for you can used these for. Throw pillows cut down to small sizes... maybe a shabby chic book/Bible cover... have fun! I had quite the vintage linens addiction for a while. I had to stop. :) Shannon at


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