March 27, 2009


I've been trying to get my WIP finished up.

I finally finished these! YEA!
These socks have been pleading with
me to finish them. Finally they are done!

Aren't they beautiful?
I knit these with a Lorna's Lace Sock Yarn called 'Circus'.
They are nice and warm and they make me smile!
(The banding came out even on the right sock;
not sure what happened on the left.) Not complaining!
I'm just glad they are done!

Now I'm working on these! I have one sock finished in each color! Since I work the traditional way ....I use double pointed needles to make my socks. I try to work on two at a time ...that way it doesn't seem to take as long to finish a pair. Makes no sense; but that's how I work! These socks are made with 'Fannie's Fingering Weight' yarn. They are kettle dyed by Farmhouse Yarns. I love how they are turning out. Just simple plain socks, but oh how beautiful they look!

I'm off to work on other WIP ...I have many! When and if they are ever completed I'll be back to post them for you!


I almost forgot ...a blogland friend is having a giveaway.

Kim over at 'CalamityKim' is having the most spectacular giveaway. Please visit her here and take a look...

(I'm secretly keeping my fingers crossed that I might win this wonderful giveaway!)


  1. I love pretty hand knit socks! I'm so glad that my daughter in law made me a couple of pairs...because there is NO way I could figure out a pattern that complicated! You did a GREAT job and now you have cute socks to wear! They look cute in Mary Jane type shoes, too!

  2. I love your socks alice...they are fabulous!!


  3. Love love LOVE these socks! I am all thumbs when it comes to following patterns for knit and crochet. I can do both, just not well. I admire you!

  4. Wow those are so cute! They look so comfy and cozy!!
    Thanks for visiting me!
    Chat soon,

  5. I love the socks! I am also havinga giveaway if you'd like to come by!

  6. Love the socks! Someday I want to learn to knit socks... my feet would stay warm (& pretty) all the time, lol!

  7. Darling socks & no "cankles"! LOL!


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