April 4, 2009


Poor Miss Lilly....

Last week we discovered Miss Lilly was not well.
It seems one of her little ears had a BIG problem.
Her little ear had swollen so much; that it seemed at trip to the vet was in order.
Seems she developed a Hematoma. This is where a small blood vessel that runs within the walls of the ear burst causing it to bleed; thus causing it to swell. The vet said that it could have been a bump or a bite that caused it. We aren't sure how it happened.
We only know that ....

Miss Lilly is not a happy cat!
She needed surgery to repair it and now must
be humiliated by wearing this silly looking collar!
Dear Hubby seems to think he knows the culprit that caused all the trouble ...

Miss Sophie ...the new puppy! Dear Hubby is sure of it ...who else would take a nip of Miss Lilly's ear? I say there's no proof ...how could a little face like that do such damage? I won't believe it until Dear Hubby can prove it!

Miss Lilly looks so sad ...but, the collar did come off! You can see her little ear! It will probably always have a little crook in it now. The bad news is .....

...the collar is back on. Today there was more swelling and another trip to the vet. Seems Miss Lilly doesn't like having stitches in her ear either. So after a few more stitches ...this time the collar stays on for two whole weeks!


  1. Oh poor Miss Lilly! As much as I feel for her, I had to laugh at your post where you say "the culprit who caused all the trouble..." and I scrolled down to Sophie's angelic face! Couldn't be her!

    My prayers to Miss Lilly.

  2. Bless it! Poor Miss Lilly! I do hope she is better soon!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  3. Hi Alice, your little puppy is so adorable...I cannot believe she cause such havoc either...just too cute to believe!! :)

    I hope your kitty gets better soon and gets rid of the silly collar.


  4. Poor Miss Lilly! That's not the best fashion accessory for cats!

  5. She does not look like a happy kitty... I hope those two weeks go by quickly! And, that she is much, much better soon! Are you sure it was the puppy??? That looks more like a cat fight to me???

  6. Just checking back in to wish you a Happy Easter.
    I don't think Lil Miss Sophie did that either, but I sure hope Miss Lilly is doing better!!

    Easter Blessings!
    He Is Risen!



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